Landing Craft, Support (Medium) (Mark I) - "Duct Tape and a Dream"

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L.C.S.(M)(1) №4 underway in home waters as Landing Craft, Support (S.L.C.) №4.


The Landing Craft, Support (Medium)s (L.C.S.(M)s) were three distinct support vessels based on the hull of the Landing Craft, Assault (L.C.A.). For support operations, these craft were equipped with heavy weapons and fought alongside the infantry landing craft to support beach landings.

The L.C.S.(M)(1) was by far the most rudimentary example of the L.C.S.(M)s, as it was quite literally just an L.C.A. with some big guns in the area where the troops would normally be. The guns in question were two .50 caliber Vickers heavy machine guns in single mounts and a 4" BL Mark 1N smoke mortar in the front. The mortar could also be used to fire high explosive shells, and its breech loading nature made direct fire a possibility. Alternatively, the Vickers guns could be moved forward and a 20mm Oerlikon cannon could be placed in front of the conning tower.


Photo of Oerlikon 20mm cannon installed in L.C.S.(M)(1) being lowered into the sea.

Overall, the L.C.S.(M)(1) did not have a very long production run, with only the first 24 out of the over 200 L.C.S.(M)s being Mark Is. They participated in landing operations including the raid on Dieppe in 1942.


Landing Craft, Support (Medium) (Mark I)


  • Length: 41 ft. 2 in. (12.55 m)
  • Beam: 10 ft. 0 in. (3.05 m)
  • Draught:
    • Forward: 1 ft. 8 in. (0.51 m)
    • Aft: 1 ft. 10 in. (0.56 m)

Displacement: 10.8 tons

Crew: 11

Propulsion: 2 x Ford V8 (130 shp)

Max Speed: 10 kt. (11.5 mph, 18.52 km/h)

Range: 60 miles


  • Primary: 1 x 1 4" BL Mark 1N mortar or 1 x 1 20mm Oerlikon
  • Secondary: 2 x 1 Vickers .50 caliber machine gun (2,400 rpg, 4,800 rounds total)


  • Sides: 6.4 mm steel
  • Engine deck: 6.4 mm steel
  • Bulkheads: 6.4 mm steel
  • Conning tower: 12.7 mm steel

Additional equipment:

  • 1 meter rangefinder
  • C.S.A. smoke generator


The L.C.S.(M)(1) might not seem that impressive, but I think she packs a punch. At reserve tier, her decent armor and firepower would do her well despite her slow speed. The Vickers .50 caliber machine gun wreaks havoc on light targets, and the mortar could be a powerful asset. Alternatively, and uniquely to the Mark I, she could bring a 20mm Oerlikon as her main weapon, which would also work well. I, for one, would be happy to see these little vessels find a place in War Thunder.


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