Land Rover Series 2A 106mm RCL "Gun Buggy"

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Between 1949 and 1958 various trials were undertaken by the Australian Army for a WW2 Jeep replacement, with a final face-off in 1958 between a Land Rover Series 2 88 inch wheelbase, M38A1, Austin Gypsy, CJ-3 Jeep and a locally built Freighters vehicle. The result of these trials saw the Land Rover Series 2 selected and entering service in 1959.
In 1962 trials were undertaken for an anti-armour version. This unique to Australia version mounted an M40A1 106mm recoilless rifle (the same we find on numerous vehicles already in War Thunder). With the success of the trials, conversions began taking place in 1963, with a total of 69 units produced, 24 Series 2 and 45 Series 2A.
Some of the primary modifications included beefing up the chassis and suspension to handle the extra weight of the gun, removal of the windscreen to be replaced with two small screens to allow the gun to mount in a fixed forward position during transport, a 106mm M40A1 rifle mounted on a pintle in the rear with a 0.50cal ranging gun, 360 degree rotation, elevation -17 degrees to +65 degrees, storage for 6 rounds in the rear body work, plus one in the barrel making a total of 7 rounds carried, and 80 rounds of the 0.50cal ammunition.
Ammunition available was the same HEAT and HESH rounds we already see in game on this gun. The vehicle would carry a crew of 4, driver, gunner, loader and commander. Power comes from a petrol 2.3L with 77hp at 4250rpm. Weight would be somewhere just under 1.5 tonnes depending on the kit carried. Top speed is not something I have been able to find specifically for the Gun Buggy, however with the added weight and given a standard Series 2 appears to be capable of just over 100km/hr, it’d lie somewhere in the 80-100km/hr range I think.
They would operate in pairs usually in shoot n scoot tactics. Their high maneuverability and small size allowed them to get in position and ambush enemies without being noticed. After firing the practice was to get the hell out of there. Having no armour and being a prime target for opposing forces, as well as firing being a dead giveaway to position due to the sound and likely dust kicked up by the blast force.
The Gun Buggy saw a very long service, with the last one being withdrawn from service in the 1990s. It saw service in Vietnam, and numerous field modifications took place including swapping out the gun for heavy machine guns and even a MILAN missile launcher (a vehicle for another suggestion I think).
In War Thunder the Gun Buggy would play something similar to the Fiat 6614 but with less armour, less ammunition, but more mobility due to a much higher power to weight ratio. 7 rounds may not sound like much, but is more than enough for a few kills and the ability to quickly relocate to a cap to reload.



Mass: Up to 1.5 tonnes
Crew: 4 (Gunner, Driver, Loader, Commander)
Armour: None, structural steel
Main Armament: M40A1 106mm Recoilless Rifle, 7 rounds, HEAT and HESH ammunition
Secondary Armament: 0.50cal ranging gun mounted on the 106mm, 80 rounds
Gun Traverse: 360 degrees, -17 degrees to +65 degrees
Engine: 2.3L Petrol, 77hp @ 4250rpm
Top Speed: 80-100km/hr

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I was comparing power to weight of this the other day with vehicles currently in game, at 50hp/ton it has 10hp/ton more than an R3 106. Anyone know what the current power to weight king is in WT?

+1 Hell yeah I want RR gun buggies and I want Land Rover so this ticks both boxes.

Austin Champ 106mm RCL
Land Rover Lightweight Gunship 106mm RCL
Land Rover 120mm WOMBAT
FV432 120mm WOMBAT

Gimme all that stuff.


I wonder if an extra ammo crate with additional 10 rounds could be squeezed inside the vehicle, as a secondary improvised “ammo rack”.
It’s not uncommon for soldiers to bring some extra equipment on field and the 7 rounds limit will become an issue if access to the cap point is restricted.


12 rounds in a wooden crate ratchet strapped to the rear of the vehicle? I’m for it.

Just looking at the size of the ammo, the crate would need to be basically the entire width of the vehicle, whether that could be mounted or not, I am unsure.

The type 93 is just under 29Hp/ton

Just realized I made a mistake in the OP, I said an ENTAC missile launcher instead of a MILAN missile launcher. The MILAN was a field modification. The version with ENTACs was its own prototype mounted in box launchers that hung off the side.

I’d be interested in it! Was looking for a one of these under British Vehicles

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UK had a different model of Land Rover with recoilless rifles based on LWB models that could also be added.

What was it called? I’m already interested

I don’t know if it had a special name, but here’s a photo of a British LWB Series 2 Land Rover with a 120mm WOMBAT.


That looks ridiculous! And I want it.
It only fires HESH though it would seem, but the round has 400mm of pen which is kinda ridiculous.

Edit: the pen stat is likely very wrong. And with the in-game system the gun would have a 152mm pen instead, since it’s mainly based on caliber.

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Things like this will still be viable at 11.7, all you had to do is sit at a corner then wait for anybody to drive past.


Looks like something I’d want. We must investigate… (and by “We” I mean “I”)

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