Lack of traction and slippery slopes are absurd

So as many people have probably noticed traction keeps getting worse and recently I feel it has gotten worse.

Instead of actually making good maps they instead use traction as a weapon against people that see a location and go “yeah I can go there”, if you are not supposed to got somewhere no one should even think it is possible to do so.

Even just in general the sudden loss of engine power and such are annoying in more normal play and if you even slightly go past the sudden slide angle you just accelerate sideways functionally, only regaining traction when you stop


Yep I noticed this a few months ago on Frozen Pass. I was driving a wheeled vehicle, lost speed, and slid down a slope. Then I realised they had changed something with the game. But tbh it’s probably a good thing overall, it makes a larger difference for people who don’t have track and engine upgrades. I can still move around terrain very easily, after all, Gaijin did fixed wheeled vehicle physics. I still think the Ratel is too slow but what it lacks in speed, it makes up for in armour (always surviving the first hit, giving time to smoke)

I disagree, horrible traction and such is not good overall it is just gaijin ignoring underlying issues, and wheeled physics are not fixed at all

It depends on the vehicles also. The Eland 90s without the tire or transmission/engine have such low torque, that you can get stuck against a rock on a slight slope. Makes it almost impossible to get free.

I once left a match on Stalingrad, because my vehicle slipped off the hill near the frozen river and ended at the bottom. There was no way to get any speed/traction to get back up from it.

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Recently? It’s been bad for a long time because they were too lazy to fix the sniping spots, and it still failed to fix the sniping spots and now they’re still too lazy to fix these spots and they just delete it from the map.

Now we have crap traction and crap maps and this still happens

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gaijin just needs to admit that map knowledge is a skill