Lack of mission settings in singleplayer, mission editor and dynamic campaign

In multiplayer and in default test flight, there is a long list of settings for you. however this is not always the case in singleplayer, mission editor and dynamic campaign

Context for mission editor:
Not many people know this, but the test flight can be edited(thanks to 1:53 for teaching me this) by clicking mission editor at the bottom left in test flight; however this is only avaliable for aircraft in your lineup and only for planes, and the map choices are limited.

In mission editor, dynamic campaign and singleplayer, the settings are extremely limited to what i speculate is the old war thunder mission settings;
Mission editor:

Singleplayer and dynamic campaign:

Most of the time, this is not a big deal, except for the fact that we cannot set bomb fuses and set the fuel amount. this makes singleplayer nearly immposible in realistic and simulator for missions like blind operation and paulaus’s last tanks and dynamic campaign.
Additionally, i hope that gaijin makes it possible to do mission editor in tanks and ships and also provide more maps in mission editor.

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why are there no Tank single battles and only plane based ones?


They should allow the singleplayer missions to be played co-op imo.
The single player ones are more fun.