Lack of Japanese smart munitions

The inclusion of smart munitions in the Japanese air tech tree within War Thunder is crucial for maintaining balance and realism in the game. As other nations boast a diverse array of options, the absence of smart munitions for Japan could create an imbalance in gameplay. Here’s why the Japanese air tech tree should receive smart munitions:

  1. Strategic Parity:

    • To ensure fairness and competitiveness, it’s essential that all nations within War Thunder have access to a comparable range of technologies. Smart munitions have become a standard in modern air warfare, and providing them to the Japanese air tech tree aligns with the principle of strategic parity among nations in the game.
  2. Reflecting Modern Air Warfare Trends:

    • Smart munitions play a pivotal role in contemporary air warfare, allowing for precision strikes and increased operational effectiveness. Integrating these technologies into the Japanese air tech tree ensures that War Thunder remains reflective of modern military capabilities, providing players with a more realistic and immersive experience.
  3. Enhanced Gameplay Variety:

    • The introduction of smart munitions for Japan expands the tactical options available to players. This variety enhances the overall gaming experience, encouraging different playstyles and strategies. It adds depth to the Japanese air tech tree, making it more versatile and engaging for players who enjoy utilizing advanced weaponry.
  4. Player Satisfaction and Diversity:

    • Meeting player expectations is crucial for the success of any game. If a significant portion of the player base desires smart munitions for the Japanese air tech tree, their inclusion would contribute to player satisfaction. Additionally, it ensures that players who prefer Japanese aircraft have diverse and competitive options when compared to other nations.
  5. Continuity with Global Tech Advancements:

    • As the global military landscape evolves, incorporating smart munitions into the Japanese air tech tree reflects the continuity of technological advancements. It acknowledges that even historically distinct approaches to warfare, such as Japan’s, are influenced by the changing dynamics of modern conflict.

In conclusion, introducing smart munitions to the Japanese air tech tree in War Thunder is essential for maintaining game balance, reflecting contemporary military trends, enhancing gameplay variety, ensuring player satisfaction, and acknowledging the continuity of technological advancements. This integration would contribute to a more inclusive and dynamic gaming experience for War Thunder enthusiasts.

Japanese Smart Munitions that could be added: AGM-158 JASSM, ASM-1, ASM-2, ASM-3, various JDAMs and that’s all I could find


You didn’t offer up any suggestions for what munitions that Japan uses you’d like to see in game…


This one will be mounted on the F-15JSI that isn’t built yet. If it is and the game is also at a point where it is ready for such aircraft (keep in mind we just got the most basic F-15 models) I have no doubt we will see this weapon.

I am actually surprised we haven’t seen those. As much as the argument is made that they can only target ships they could at least be used against those, even if it’s just AI. We had bombs predating tanks too, why not ASMs?

I believe this one is only used by later F-2s which aren’t in game yet. However I have heard they could perform a secondary role of ARM, so if that is true they could be Japans option for those.

Japan uses JDAM on F-2s, with L-JDAM being used on later F-2s. There is also an image of JDAM mounted to an F-4EJ Kai, but that was said to be for display purposes only and even scrapped from the update it was supposed to be added in so I doubt we’ll see that.

And of course GCS-1 IR guidance kits for 500lb and 750lb bombs that can be added to the T-2, F-1, F-4EJ/EJ Kai and later the F-2s. These also don’t seem to require any special targeting eqipment so any plane in JASDF inventory that can carry the regular 500/750lb bombs should theoretically be able to operate them.

There is also the XGCS-2 which is a 2000lb guided bomb tested on the F-4EJ Kai, not sure if any other aircraft use it.


Actually, only the XF-2 in ADTW had confirmed to carry ASM-3. The production should only get the improved ASM-3A.

I think that is all guided air-to-surface munitions Japan have. (Blanket mean not comfirmed but highly possible)

F-4EJ/F-4EJ Kai: GCS-1,ASM-1,ASM-2
F-2:GCS-1,XGCS-2,ASM-1,ASM-2,ASM-3A,JDAM,SDB,(Upgraded Type 12 SSM,ASM-3 Kai)
F-15JSI: AGM-158B/B2
P-1:AGM-65,AGM-84,ASM-1C,New ASM for Patrol aircraft

And a obvious problem is that they will get limitations in the game. Either not able to target moving target, limited by terrain for sea skimming or the the aircraft itself has low survival rate in game.


I will have to look later, but I know there is an experimental top attack EFP munition. I need to check if it’s air dropped or howitzer fired.