Lack of camouflage on some aircraft

Why is there no red and black camouflage for the F-4F ICE that was shown in the official pv? Also, the two F-16AM demo skins that were found in the datamine are not present. Could these be added in a minor update?

Yes possibly. There are so many skins for so many things that I would love to be added.

If it was actually shown in the update promos, devstreams or devblogs, you can try to bring it to the attention of Smin1080p or another community liaison, or write an issue for it in the bug tracker. That’s what I did when the Wessex HU.5 added in Alpha Strike was missing the bicolour camo shown in the devblog and it was added as a Golden Eagle camo in a subsequent patch.

If it was only ever datamined, then it will be harder to get it added in, since gaijin themselves never suggested it would actually be in the update. It’s just something a community member found.
Unfinished or unintended content, and text placeholders for things that don’t exist in the game files, get “leaked” all the time and don’t necessarily ever end up in the game.

The black and red camo was atleast shown in the update video

The 40th Anniversary JG 71 camouflage is still available to the German F-4F ‘Late’ Phantom as a Marketplace skin I believe:

Reasons for it not being added for the F-4F KWS-LV like when it was directly showcased in the CDK, data mine and Reddit leaks, are honestly unknown to be exact. But I’m sure it will perhaps in the future be added in some way maybe as 200 GE additional skins.