L-62 ANTI II should be on higher BR

Like the title says.
Yeah I know that some of “grinders” will hate me for that, but L-62 ANTI II should have higher BR. Already it have 2.7 and just eats everything its face with ease. The most suitable BR for this AA should be 3.7. Why? For example just check this channel @RoneK_Actual on Youtube:

WAR THUNDER: WHY Is This Only At 2.7?! - L-62 Anti II

Yeah, he is amazing player but I just want to say I have a lot of this kind battles when I met 2x L-62 ANTI as my opponents and just TWO AA from SWEDEN just crush the game with 10+ kills.

Devs should look into it I think.


FFS! Be quiet!
Let people have any fun with this game.

I agree Anti should have a higher BR


it is busted at 2.7, i can see it easily being 4.0


From experience, the anti II is absurdly strong, even in a full uptier. 3.3 is the absolute lowest BR it should be.

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It’s essentially an M19A1 with half the fire rate. It’s like a Ostwind with a lower profile and increased vulnerability to HMGs. Definitely an upgrade over the less mobile, larger, worse armoured, incapable of direct fire Lvtdgb m/40. Seems pretty clear cut as 3.3 to me. Especially when Sweden is lacking an SPAA at the BR, and the Lvtdgb m/40 means that 2.7 will not be left without an SPAA.

It is wholly useless as an SPAA though due to the abysmal turret traverse/elevation, so arguing it ‘fills a SPAA gap’ is disingenuous at most.

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Sweden needs the help in that BR

Why? 1.0 APDS not good enough for 2.7?

Take the AP belt away from it. Problem solved.


don’t forget the ridicoulos less amount of ammo this and nearly all svedish SPA have. So it should stay at the actual BR

APDS that is useless.