KVT vs Clickbait / 11.3 vs 10.3

Finished Germany and thinking of getting into a new nation and US interests me. I have played and spaded 11.7 so its not going to be a problem jumping into top tier.

I REALLY like the A-10, but im not a huge fan of the KVT on paper it just seems like a worse pztbl 123, the clickbait looks a lot better (gen 1 thermals blows tho). But I don’t think the A-10 is going to be able to do anything against SPAA it will see if i uptier it to 11.3. The other choice is buying the F4S to go with clickbait, but again, as a German player at only .3 BR higher I have a phantom with fox 3’s, better bombs, and gunpods etc.

10.0 russia looks good too obviously but I feel morally impaired doing so. Mostly looking for something I can buy at least 2 ground spawns + a plane.

Buy the KVT and use the spare GE to max crew skills especially reload. The KVT is better than the Leo 2, better acceleration, as well as better reload. The round is worse but the better reload trumps that.

The only thing the M1 KVT has bad against the 2A4 is penetration, and it’s not that bad since the spots you’ll be aiming for don’t change all that much. Instead you gain ESS, a 5 sec reload and the option to take more than 16 rounds without exploding.

The Click-Bait is a hard sell considering the (absolute) state of U.S top tier, and i don’t think it’s likely to change any time soon.

How is the LOSAT? I saw thats the same BR is isn’t too expensive.

The LOSAT absolutely sucks. It’s useless in close range maps (lots of them), have practically no elevation or depression, and gets one shot constantly.


The KVT was a wonderful grind for me. It took some time to get used to, but after a while I adapted to the play style and earned a nuke or two in the latter part of my grind.

The KVT has a substantially better matchmaker than the Clickbait, as the Clickbait faces top tiers nearly every single match. The KVT is great l, with the main downsides being its armor against 11.0-11.3 vehicles, and its round not having the best pen. The penetration however, is more than made up for with the reload rate of 5 seconds aced.

If you want a lineup, the A-10A is decent, but sometimes lackluster with its range, spotting, and speed.

The best thing you can buy to pair with it is the striker, which although it may be at 10.0, has an amazing thermal generation for both the gunner and commander, and has a absolutely amazing round, the M900. This made my grind a hella lot easier and fun, don’t know what I would have done without them.

(Oh, and don’t ever buy the F-4S for the sake of CAS, I think it’s 10.7 in ground rb anyway, but still has zero CAS capabilities other than some rockets and bombs. Far from worth it for that reason.)