KV-220 at 6.0 needs APCR shell

KV220 has 135mm of point-blank pen at 6.0, that’s absolutely ridiculous, it should recieve the BR-365P APCR round that the 5.7 T-34-85 has, that’s the only way it will be competitive!


The only question is that, did the tank have this ammo in real life? Does it have a different gun then the other tanks you speak of? I ask these questions because I have no more time to look it up myself.

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Yeah - the tank is end of 1941-early 1942 - did the 85mm have APCR at that time??

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No, they made APCR for their guns after meeting tiger in 1942

Then that’s the “correct” answer … of course Gaijin are often not restricted by reality…

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I don’t think I’ve ever actually used the APCR round on any 85mm gun. The absurdly good angled pen gives you more than enough options against most things you meet. Most people still don’t seem to know that you can just punch right through the UFP of a Jumbo at close range with it. And, failing that, there’s always good old fashioned track and barrel torture.


You should see the M4A3E2 Jumbo - now at 5.7 with a whopping 104mm pen.

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All because German players don’t want to aim for weak spots. 5.7 doesnt exist anymore, it is CONSTANT uptiers.

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funny, I played a bunch of 5.0 US today and it’s only uptiers to 5.7…

5.7 gets slammed to 6.7, I’ve had nothing but uptiers to it since the German tanks got moved. Could just be my luck but it is SUFFERING lmao.

It needs to stay at 5.7. It’s not nearly as good of a tank as it used to be. Anytime someone even looks at it the breech get broken. Volumetric took any sort of OP out of it that it had. Horrible change…

T-34-85 has an APCR round indeed, but it is rarely required.
With just APHE it’s still an incredibly competitive vehicle at 5.7 and so will be KV-220 be at 6.0.

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Lol. Lmao even.

Would these be the same German players whose Tigers and most Panthers just got sent up as well?

To be clear, I’m against the Jumbo (and M26) moving up, and I have no problem with heavies being heavies. I like armour meta and weakspot hunting much better than the alternative. But your logic is… Peculiar, to say the least.

Basically this is what you think happened: Gaijin wanted to do the dumb German mains a solid and uptier the Jumbo compared to German tanks. So they lifted the Jumbo, two Tigers, and three Panthers up a BR step together, meaning that their relative BR positions have remained identical… Oops. Guess they got distracted.

Or maybe it’s the other way around: Gaijin finally decided to stop hand-holding the dumb dumb German mains and finally moved Tigers and Panthers up. But then sadly they got distracted again and their fingers slipped on the cursor while they were hovering over the Jumbo’s BR.

Man, so many internal contradictions at Gaijin. One would almost think that the decision to move up the Jumbo had nothing to do with German mains at all! 🤔

I was mostly speaking from experience when playing other nations heavies. They almost never aim for the weak spots when playing against them.

the jumbo wasn’t even PLANNED to be moved until backlash from the German players.

For context Auren has essentially only played Germany ;)

Has zilch to do with “German players”. Stop with this stupid nation bias of your own.

It’s a contemporary to the Tiger H that was moving up so that makes sense to me. That is, German players requesting the 75 Jumbo be uptiered.

IS-1, ALSO the Tiger and Jumbo’s closest equivalent, also is going to 5.7…