Kungstiger not included into SIM battles

This tank is still not included in the SIM ground events, is pretty much comparable to the Tiger II P.
I ask that it gets introduced in the exact the same event as the german Tiger II P.

I’ve got it myself and I’ve seen people playing it into Ground Realistic for atleast 2 weeks but yet the tank is still not in the SIM.

please send this to devs for get it sorted. Thanks mods.

It shouldnt be available. It was just target for gun testing. And the issue with same tanks being on both sides is already bad. No need to already make it worse, should just remove it from SB. Together with Italian and others Shermans/Hellcats/Chaffees facing their original country counterparts.


Well it got added today, look at the most recent update

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That’s not a valid point.
Tell people who bought a premium t34-85 or is2 that their tank can’t not be played.

You want accuracy in a game who stopped having it, otherwise how would you explain Vietnam era against WW2?

Your argument is weak.

I just saw that, didn’t open the game today

You missed their point.

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Man Simulator is such a joke

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It just got changed in todays update.

Ironically though, the Flakpanzer 341 Coelian is.

Premium T-34-85 or IS-2 can be played. Russian ones are fine.

They should just add Sweden to the axis side.

After all, Sweden was neutral and Finland was at war with the USSR and the UK. They were not officially allied with the axis, but they were collaborating with them and they were at war with some of the allied powers.

Putting them on the allies’ side makes no sense at all.

I am honestly tired of Sweden T-80 vs T-80UK and the upcoming U-E1 as they all have the exact same camo, same goes for the Finnish T-72 in sim,where you can also get same camo as soviet one, or soviet one same camo as finnish one.

I wish they’d bring back the historical tank battles we used to have. I even enjoyed the matches with the limited player numbers to reflect reality. That’s all long gone now.