Kugelblitz at 6.7 BR

Now the Tiger P is 6.7 BR to join the other WW2 superheavy tanks at 6.7 such as the Jadgtiger and Ferdinand should the Kugelblitz be downgraded to 6.7 to give much needed support against CAS at a possible 7.7 BR?

It is not that effective against AA and it’s a Panzer IV in essence. It would make a nice line up for Germany at 6.7 against what can be ugly opposition for WW2 tanks against Cold war variants of 7.7. It is a small but important and useful drop.

Might German vehicle enthusiasts like me encourage players to advance form WW2 to into higher tiers.

As a side note I fully understand how badly the USA is misrepresented at this BR and have no argument with how hard done by they are in the 6-7 range.


I don’t even know how it got up to 7.0
Didn’t it use to be 6.7 before?

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For the same reason the Skink got up BRed, it has a fully enclosed turret.

2S38 to 11.3 here we go

The Zerstörer 45 should be put into the game and the Kugelblitz should be moved down: