Kugelblitz Armor vs MG (protection analysis?)

How come Kugelblitz gets destroyed by MGs? Faced a T29 in close combat and his 12.7mm penned me which should only pen 31mm at best. Checked in the protection analyses too and it shouldn’t pen whatsoever.

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The upper part of the turret and the area right around the guns. The ball section of the turret is mostly, only 20mm all round only a small portion frontally and to the rear are 30mm. If you were being engaged from the side, range depending Cal .50 will go through parts of the hull. The T29 has 3 Cal .50 also, so the volume of fire will make quick work if you know where to aim.

Pull up the Protection Analysis and move the curser around the area of the guns even at 500 meters their are a few places AP and APIT can penetrate. It’s the most likely place to penetrate and if not at least damage the guns taking them out of action.