Kudos on the Premium account economy change!

Having the premium account remove silver lion losses has allowed me to play high tier the way I want to; mobile and agressive- and it has had the unforeseen aspect of me playing a LOT better than I used to because I don’t have to be so cautious as to get blown up early… I get to be where people don’t expect me.

I’ve made SO much in game money since this compared to before, while having a LOT more fun. Well done.



i agree ;D
It was a very good addition to premium account, it helps us grind better and safer but also increases people buying it. Which is win win for both sides, and there is lots of more good changes on the way for us.

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Premium repair compensation is nice, but could use some further refinements.

Earning 0 SL at the end of a 10-20 minute match is not “progression”. I don’t think premium players should be punished for having a bad game. Not everybody can be a super performer every game, especially if they’re in a non-meta vehicle, or playing/learning a vehicle type that’s harder to be successful with.

They’re not being punished for having a bad game. (That’s why they removed the chance to lose SL.)

It’s just not being rewarded for performing so poorly that you would lose money even with a premium account.

Great change. Hopefully they do something with RP so that premium accounts can research ground/helicopters quicker.