Krupp-Ardelt Leichter Waffenträger für 10,5 cm LeFH 18/40/4 L/28

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I would like to suggest the Leichter Waffenträger armed with the 10,5 cm LeFH 18/40/4 L/28.
In game it would offer a light mobile vehicle to the lower ranks armed with the 105mm gun and only enove armor for LMGs and HMGs over range. Similar to the Waffenträger allready in game this is however armed with the 105 mm gun and doesnt have 360° traverse.

In 1942 different companys such as Krupp, Ardelt and Rheinmetall were tasked to develop multiple different weight classes of Waffenträger for a multitude of different guns. These classes were Light, medium and Heavy, armed with the 105mm gun, 88mm guns and 128-150mm guns.
Generally based (or with similar designe) to parts of the Panzer 38(t) hull these (also allready visible in game) were light chassis, engine and transmission in the front, chassis with angled armor and bigger space at the back to allow the mounting of a gun as well as to transport other equipment.
Requirement was that the guns could be mounted on top and fired as well as dismounted and used as Field guns, while then be used as ammo transporters.

While the whole concept was good, not many and certainly not all designes were build or even constructed as a Prototype in the end. This one however was with at least 1 beeing captured by the british.

Pictures: (Click to show)


The Gun:
10,5 cm LeFH 18/40/4 L/28
-5°/-8° to +45° elevation and +/-30° Traverse
Pzgr. Aphe 14 kg 480 m/s 238g (304,64g aquivalent) filler 71mm/10m
Pzgr. Rot Apcbc 15,56 kg 470 m/s 250g (357,5g) 84mm/10m
F.H. Gr. He 14,81 kg 472 m/s 1,75 kg filler 22mm/all
Gr. 39 Rot Hl/B Heat 12,35 kg 495 m/s 2,53 kg filler aquivalent 105mm/all
Gr. 39 Rot Hl/C Heat 12,35 kg 495 m/s 2,53 kg filler aquivalent 115mm/all
F.H.Gr. F He 14,81 kg 540 m/s 2,21 kg filler
F.H. Gr. Nb. Smoke 14 kg 480 m/s 50g smokestuff dont expect much

The Vehicle:
Weight: 13 ton
Crew: 4
Dimensions: 6,75m / 3,16m / 2,25m
Engine: Praga AC/2 Liquid cooled 6 Cylinder 150 Ps/2500 rpm
Speed: 35 km/h
Hull: 15mm Front, 10mm side, 8mm rear, 8mm top and 10mm bottom
Turret: 20mm front, 10mm sides and rear and 15mm gunshield.

Munition der 10,5 cm LeFH 18
Spezial Panzer Fahrzeuge des deutschen Heeres

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How the hell do we not already have this in game foldered with the waffenträger?

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I totally forgot this was a real thing. Good shit. +1

+1 how in the hell did you find that image with the guy standing in the firing compartment?

Pillar of the community! +1

Did the StuH 42 F/G have access to this shell? It would be better than the in-game aphe and would be better than the HEAT shells.

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All 10,5 guns, even the LeFh 16 L/22 had it, i allready made a report some time ago, sadly such reports are only seen as suggestions and its up to the devs whether or not they want to give them.

Everyone just voting yes on everything lel

I wish they do.

It carried 96 rounds for the 10.5cm leFH which restricted it to -5 and +42, the 8.8cm Pak 43 allowed it -8 and +20 and carried 34.
Source: Encyclopedia of German Tanks of World War Two by Peter Chamberlain and Hilary Doyle

Edit: Next page says the 10,5cm carried 40 which would be in-line with the Wespe that carried 40 and used the same 10.5 cm leFH so I don’t know why the other page says 96.