Kraka Type 640

  • Yes to all variants!
  • Only the Rh202 20mm variant!
  • Only the TOW variant!
  • Only the MILAN variant!
  • Only the M40A1 105mm recoilless rifle variant!
  • No!

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The Kraka Type 640 (Kraftkarren - Powered cart) was an ATV, that was developed by the company FAUN (Fahrzeugfabriken Ansbach und Nürnberg AG) in 1962, initially as an agricultural and emergency-services utility vehicle, however, it’s light weight and reliable mechanics made it ideal for use in the Bundeswehr, who, building on the experiences of WW2, were looking for a light, air transportable and parachute droppable weapons-platform, at around that time.

After some pushing by FAUN, and an initial evaluation of 50 vehicles in 1965, the Kraka Type 640 then entered service with the Bundeswehr in 1971, it had some changes and upgrades to the base model, which made it conform with the Bundeswehr’s needs, and went on to serve as an ATV weapons-platform and transport vehicle in the Bundeswehr until the mid 1990s, when it was replaced by the Wiesel 1 tankette.

A total of 862 Kraka’s were built for the Bundeswehr from 1971 to 1976.

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Crew: 2

Length: 2,78m

Width: 1,51m

Height: 1,19m

Empty weight: 740kg

Maximum weight: 1,61 tons

Top speed: 55 km/h

Engine: BMW Type 427, 26hp

Armaments (4 loadouts that would be viable in War Thunder were used):

1: 1x TOW launcher with up to 4 extra missiles (5 total)

2: 1x MILAN launcher with unconfirmed amount of ammo, probably up to 6 extra missiles (7 total)

3: 1x 20mm Rh202 machine-cannon with 150 rounds (75 rounds in two ammo-boxes linked via dual-feed), possibly more ammo could have been carried in extra ammo-boxes

4: 1x 105mm M40A1 recoilless rifle (8+1 shells)


I personally think the Kraka would make for an excellent little unarmoured vehicle, that packs a punch and looks really interesting. The many armament options could be implemented in two ways, either make them all researchable modifications for one single Kraka 640, or add three different vehicles. I personally think the former option could be interesting, having either a nippy ATGM carrier, a 105mm recoilless rifle, or an auto-cannon. The BR would probably have to be 6.3 or 6.7, at which the auto-cannon could still be somewhat useful, especially if it receives the APDS belt, which was able to perforate 44mm at 1000m.

If you spot a mistake, or want to add something, feel free to post it under this thread. :salute:

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Waffensystem Feldkanone FK20-2 - Fallschirmjaegerbataillon 251 (


Actually, I’d most like the beverage carrier variant!

Bring beer next to friendlies to give their crew a vitality boost or something…

= )


Genuinely would be a really cool and fun vehicle to add, Germany could use another wheeled vehicle too.

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Im a sucker for all truck based anti tank weapons.

Big +1


Looks really fun, +1!

+1 Especially for the recoilless rifle variant. Germany is always in need of more low tier mobility.