Komatsu 105GSR

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There’s little to no information on this prototype becouse how secret the program was kept, but here is the information i found.

The Komatsu 105GSR was a prototype Designed by Komatsu company in the year 1981 to replace the aging Type 60 SPG. The 105 GSR was a prototype SPG that was armed with an 105mm JSW GSR recoilless gun, also known as the 前進砲. The gun sat in an unmanned turret using the chassi of the Komatsu B78 witch was a IFV prototype that the Komatsu was working on simultaneously with the Komatsu 105GSR program.

Witch was the Komatsu 105GSR competitor prototype, however only one was built and both of the programs was later on cancelled. And the JGSDF choose the Mitsubishi IFV prootype as there new IFV that was later on called Type 89 IFV.

The Komatsu 105GSR had the ability like the Type 74s to tilt its body back and forth, plus the sides thanks to an hydro‐pneumatic suspension system. The same system used in the Type 74s but adapted for a smaller chassi.

Image demostrating the hydro‐pneumatic suspension system in action.

The Komatsu 105GSR was also fetured in a Japanese magazine a while ago.

There was many reasons for cancelling the program/prototype, but one of the main ones was that the Japanese self defence force considered tank destroyers to be obsolete/relic of the past and was no longer needed by the GSDF. Add the lack of founds to keep the program going left no reason for the program to continue. There were other prototype programs on going at the same time that was more importent for the GSDF like the new MBT they were working on.


The Komatsu 105GSR is using the Cummins VTA-903T engine that has 650 HP, while weighing only 20 Tons and with HP/w ratio of ~23.6. This gave Komatsu 105GSR a top speed of 70 km/h.

Other specs:

  • Length: 6.16 meters
  • Width: 3.14 meters
  • Height (top of the turret): 2.15 meters
  • Height (chassis only): 1.155 meters
  • Weight: 20 tons
  • Armament:
  • 105mm JSW GSR recoilless gun
  • 7.62 coaxial machine gun
  • Stabilizer? Yes
  • Top speed: 67 kph
  • Engine: Cummins VTA903T
  • Engine power: 600 hp
  • Power-to-weight ratio: 30 hp/ton

This vehicle can be a fun and a needed addition to the Japanese tech tree, giving players more tanks to fill up there line ups with.



Obvious +1 regardless of how little info there is on it. The Ho-Ri Production needs to go and this combined with the Type 99 would make for the perfect replacements.


+1 would love to see this


I love it! +1

Yes +1

I agree, the Ho-Ri is a fun tank but needs to go.


What kind of ammo would it fire? Similar to Type 74s or weaker?

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I haven’t ever seen anything about this having its own ammunition. If we assume it’s compatible with the Type 74’s ammunition, it would fire M392A2 APDS.
M735 APFSDS was only issued to Type 74’s around 1984, but this was made in 1981.

But for game purposes I don’t see why, if technically possible, it couldn’t also have APFSDS. Would be nice around the 8.3-7 mark.

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@ChieftainWarrior Was correct, the prototype was designed with the intent of firing the same APFSDS round as the Type 74, BUT it did not fire it and instead it fired just APDS and heat rounds during testing. And sadly it did not get the chance to fire the APFSDS becouse the program was cancelled! I hope that awnsered your question :D


I agree with u on your point, the Komatsu will be great at 8.3 - 8.7 BR and depending on how historiclly acurate Gajin want’s to be they can either give it APFSDS and put it at 9.0 or just keep to history and give it heat and APDS and put it in 8.3 - 8.7!


Yep, that answers it. I thought it would be some low-pressure ammo like the HEAT shells for the Type 60 SPRG, but I’m glad to see that’s not the case.

I’d definitely rather have the APFSDS simply due to how good M735 is at 8.7, and this looks to be autoloaded due to the lack of space in the turret for crew. Also pretty fast, so would make for a very capable Type 16 alternative. Type 93 would bump it out of the fantastic 8.7 lineup if the autoloader won’t.

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You are correct yett again :) the komatsu is autoloaded and 3 sec to be specific. Yeah it will be a fierce competition between the Type 93 and Komatsu for the 8.7 line up, but i don’t see why it can not be used in the 9.0 line up. In my opinion it will still be very good at 9.0 and as a good Type 16 (P)/Type 16 alternative!

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That’s fair, 9.0 wouldn’t be bad at all either. I assumed a slower reload like the STA3 (6.0s) but at 3s that’s REALLY fast. Like a DF105 on steroids. You could put two shots into someone before they even turn their turret your way!

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Keep in mind reloads in game aren’t exactly top performance, even for autoloaders. Type 10s and even Type 90s can reload in just over 2s, with the Type 10 even having been recorded doing it in 1.2s. These are likely lower in game for balance. Only slower autoloaders like the T-72/90s or T-64/80s have get their fastest reload due to it still being rather average compared to non autoloading tanks.

So these 3s could just as well end up being 6s if Gaijin feels like it helps them balance it better.


Your right XD it is an DF105 on steroids, but like @MAUSWAFFE said Gajin will probablly increase it’s auto loader speed for balancing. But we can allways hope they don’t, and who knows maybe they realese it with 3 sec reload and test the waters and from there decide if the reload should be increased or not!


Oh I know the Type 10s and 90s are way faster than in game. It’s really impressive that japan managed to make an MBT with a faster autoloader than the Leclerc while being smaller. I’d be happy with just a 5s reload since it’d still be significantly faster than the Type 74s while not insane, but of course I’d rather have the real thing.


I’d LOVE a 3s reload. Would be quite the rush to grind it out before the inevitable nerf and/or uptier!


Same i may even GE to have it before they nerf it/uptier it XD


I completley agree, but it also is how the auto loader of Japanese MBTs is very smart build. If u look it up in YouTube u can see why! But yeah as long teh reload is 5 sec or lower i be happy too :D


Japan has a pitiful shortage of vehicles and strongly demands to join this vehicle immediately