Kings of Battle - Rumor Round-Up and Discussion (Part 3)

or another tornado

Like do we need a 7th Harrier when we can get some SAAF mirages :P

that will be very cool

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add GR4 with Brimstone is awesome

@Smin1080p Have we seen everything for this update or will there be some last mins surprises ?


There is always a possibility of a suprise. Not necessarily for the update itself.


propably gonna be a suprise

AV8+ to the US :D

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I suspect we’ve seen all we’re going to see. This update is more of a gap filler than one of the meta shifting, heavy hitters like Apex Predators.

Still - The content we got, even for what i’d consider to be a pretty minor update is quite nice.
UK got a new domestic light tank, and while its no IFV, it keeps the typical aesthetic for British vics going.
We also got the M109A1 which is going to look quite nice when making a lineup. Looking forward to decorating it.
And we got a new CAS jet from the BP. Not bad as far as UK goes.

Everyone else (except for Sweden who got literally nothing at all, YIKES) seems to have benefitted in some QOL ways too. New SAM and SAM modes for Japanese SPAA

Knockoff and fixed wing Tornado for China as the JH7A

Everyone now seems to have an SPG

New Sabot animations and modelling (hope they fix the damage and range…)

F111 for USA

USSR got some cool gap filling vehicles

Overall, if you look at this update as just a small QOL update to fill the in-between: Not bad.


God forbid another 2S38 thing

time to open halloween candy box


Sweden got a downrated bmp


Finally they did’nt get an upgraded thing for change :p

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don’t forget about three helis

KF41 for germany with working AHEADS and and unmanned turret?

Can’t remember his exacy wording but Smin mentioned those who didn’t get a ton this update will naturally receieve something in the next, so I suspect the lack of useful stuff for UK and SWE aren’t oversights

Plus, given Gripen is confirmed and Smin has said the UK will get a new Top Tier jet as well, I suspect the next update is what the current drought is for.
Exciting stuff.


without BP reward, British get 1 C&P M109A1 and new wheel hull VFM5.
Sweden only get a BMP-1 without ATGM

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It’s not as if France had received any foolishness there either (not to mention the Tigre heli that disappeared off the radar after the devstream. There’s almost always a French vehicle that’s turned away from the devserver and all, really, as if they were working on this nation for the last 5 minutes of their time…)

I hope we’ll get some heavy stuff in December.


In fairness: BMP-1 with no ATGM is honestly not a bad addition. I’d love it.
But Swedens ground tree doesn’t have much lacking unlike the UK. Sweden just needs air power mostly, whereas UK needs a top tier SPAA, Light tanks, Armored Cars, Missile Launchers, IFVs ontop of needing air power

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