Kings of Battle - Rumor Round-Up and Discussion (Part 3)

Its BR wouldn’t be lowered, the reload is faster without the autoloader.

I figured, but it’s weird how the video I saw, he had an autoloader, brought around a few rounds, loaded and fired about 4 in 30 seconds. Idk, but I’m definitely not doubting it’s faster than the autoloader. Here’s the video btw

The Fs are Blast-frag yes.
The payload they carry is at about 130-140kg of TNT. That’s about half of what the Kh-29 has but it would be a good one still

We did it bois! We made it to part 3! Now where is my u.s. av8b+ gaijin?

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So, is that comment auto translated or something?
How is a “it seems to me” and “was planned” by someone titled as a Helper a 100% confirmation?

The Unitary warhead is only 80lb of explosives, though should have Armor Piercing qualities due to the 25% filler ratio of the warhead, I think it uses either Octol or -H6 so does have a positive Re factor (TNTe mass multiplier) of somewhere between 1.1 and 1.5 so with 2.2 pounds in a kg has an explosives mass of 40~54kg which is about the same a a Mk.81 (250lb class GPHE bomb; with 51kg / 120lb) which has a kill radius of about 5 meters.

It’s on par with the Kh-23 and has a fraction of the mass of the Kh-25 or -29 with all of the same downsides as their respective -T and -L variants. In short it’s not great as it was designed to kill ships may do slightly better now that bomb penetration has been implemented, and since it uses the HE damage model won’t suffer from the 20mm overpressure hardcap that the HEAT DM suffers from.

It’s honestly quite strange all of the 300lb warhead variants have been withheld for balancing reasons (Harrier Gr.7 was only equipt with the -G and later 300lb variants but was given the -65D for unknown reasons) since they are either practically worse, or have no upsides vs the HEAT warhead variants, unless explicitly attacking ships, large facilities or infrastructure, none of which are common targets in WT. A closer counterpart would be the AGM-84E but that still needs the later A-6E’s or F/A-18s to turn up (or F-16C-50+)

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Thats two rounds?

hopium updoot drop on tuesday

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That is because they would have received factory painted F-8s from the US, and that includes all US / Navy stencils

The French navy even kept the US stencils until they could re-paint them, they would have painted their own markings over the top and or even have painted a coat of paint over some of the US navy markings, but for the most part the paint would be too thin since no undercoating was applied nor the old paint or markings removed… so it would be very common to have seen some old markings under temporary paint jobs


That’s not the right video then

It is called… Historical Accuracy…

More Skins can come along down the line… if you cant wait… then why not fly my French F-8 Skins ?


As a Sweden main, what are you talking about “nice skins”, there are very few I’m aware of, and everything Sweden has wasn’t pre owned so to speak, it was a licensed reproduction of it as far as I know

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So the frenchies cant paint lol

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Yes they can.

Let’s keep it as an easter egg

lol they can : P

But, temporary paint jobs tend to be rushed and or not much care taken since they do not want to waste too much time and or wast of paint since they would be due to be painted from scratch anyway

The Italians also painted roughly over German emblems and or markings, and painted their own emblems over the top… at times the Italian paint would not quite match the RLM colours so it would be obviously painted over, or it was a rush job so you could see the German makings under the paint


I say temp skins should be in game but not the primary skin. They should be unlockable or found in crates. After all if was only to be used temporarily it shouldn’t be the main one use

Well, considering they are a peaceful country, they have as much time do things as they like, and considering most of the aircraft are low altitude strike fighters, it makes sense for them to do so. As for their ground vehicles, it’s probably because it’s just a simple geometric pattern copy and paste. They have these camo’s, yet again, because of historical accuracy, they learned from other countries, hey, camo works, mostly from Germany.

Yeah well I painted her with the d-day Markings : P

Make suggestions for what skins you would like to see in game… the Devs may not know what people want to see, so thats why Suggestions help a great deal for consideration


THIS is a historical skin for F-8E FN (Early 80s with the magic 1)