Kings of Battle - Rumor Round-Up and Discussion (Part 3)

See you on the next one!!

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I notice the boost to other nations research is still yet to come, why has it been delayed?

Maybe they’re rethinking how ass it was, cosidering it applies to the first three matches of the day only.

wait legit? I thought it was going to be a blanket system that increases the gains across the board not just for a few matches, because at most in 3 matches with premium and a premium you can get around 16k so if only that gets boosted then it is ass, and that is in air, ground RP gains are a joke

That’s how they’ve announced it, it could change tho.


Yeah wtf. That’s terrible. I’m pretty sure they advertised the bonus for new nations as permanent. And not they just conveniently not mention it anywhere. That would have been the best economy change of all.
EDIT: Nvm then.

that is utterly horrid, why not just have a smaller permanent boost for every nation that you have gotten to top to assist in the grind

3 games?? Wtf

tell me about it. I only need Israel anymore. imagine if it would stack with how many nations you’ve already got at top tier


They forgot the Mirage 2000-5F looks like… Themself talked about it in the Q&A about this feature.

They didn’t, the Mirage got it as well.

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Well, no permanent research bonus for new nations. Imma head out and play lost ark. Cya bois.

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wt was never an easy f2p game, they scammed us with new changes.

Oh. So they just don’t want to show France at all and hide it in the back i guess. Only good F-16 have right to some ad :(

first MAW



Good old nation main victim card again huh?

“They didn’t show my main nation they must hate it wah”

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