Kings of Battle - Rumor Round-Up and Discussion (Part 2)

That is the only issue though

I know, but I figured Gaijin would artificially nerf the PL-12 as to not be forced in bringing in the C leaving only the D variant to upgrade to.

Unless they want to get into the subvariants of the letters.

Chinese chimpout incoming

Yeah but AIM-120C gaming with current 16v16 matches would be literally unplayable.


AIM-120C = modernized R-77 versions

Depends on what aircraft got them and when. ALso what other additions came, CM overhauls and ECM for example. Could be messy, but possible

The B is the same as the C just has higher more G pull meaning less range.

Avoids my question again

Dovbleg season that start a Friday is already sad, but when they have problems the following week it’s really horrible.


RWR beeping intensifies

I really wish they could make two spawns per team for air rb, one in each corner of the map.
Maybe that would avoid the cluster at the center of the map

Lets aim for part 3

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It is probably about time ARB got an update. I can genuinely imagine firing Meteors at each other and still being on the same sized maps in a few years :D

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Depends on how it’s made I’ve had some that I would throw up if had again and some that I would 100% come back to.


Also spread out the ground objectives instead of just being at the center

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Nope. B is the same as A. C got quite some upgrades such as ECCM, new motor etc. (less pull part is also true)

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if the meteor hits the map border, will it respawn like an aircraft does ? X)


Please, no part 3, I’m not sure I can cope with another 10k messages of arguments trying to educate a certain user

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Hehe, I hope so :P

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HMS Marborough really did go down to BR 6.7 ! It 's really possible now that it’ll be GB 's battleship prem, like the other battleships leaked by Oliviia !


Because if you are misusing words people will take you as stupid