Kings of Battle - Rumor Round-Up and Discussion (Part 2)

I mean, the Moffett is a thing

I mean 70 and boat

Most sane person won’t spend 70 on pixels never mind on a boat XD

Had a comparible GMR to the Tornados. Kinda hoping now they have a major nation with that, they;ll start work on it

I bought a boat. (GE ones but anyways)

These matters have been reported under investigation. Im not sure where the rumours of their progress / state comes from. But until they are resolved they are considered open. They are not connected to any specific major / minor update.

I don’t know where this rumour comes from, but its false im afraid. We dont have full MAWS for any jets like that yet. All we have said its whats within Q & As , that its being reviewed and investigated.

This can include a multitude of things. But again, not connected to any specific major update.


4 months ago

R-73s get fixed in a week

SRAAMs are broken and totally unsuable for 6 months before theyve even start looking at them and no fix after 4 months

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Any word on if Gaijin will also look at upping the Stinger and Mistral G load since they are lacking compared to other missile systems at the BR, to the point the Stinger should be called a Redeye due to the level of difference in performance

Yes, this means exactly what I said. The reports are open under investigation. It does not mean any specific state of work or resolution. Until they are resolved, they are considered open.

Could be wrong but maws was in a dev server aircraft around apex or skyguardian around that time if i remember right

If we had news to report, it would generally be within the patch notes.

Its not an indication its coming or ready. Perhaps thats where people started the rumour.

I just asked cause they have been very neglected and since the Type 81 is coming and had a report passed that could up the G load to 40G, so the lack of performance on the MANPAD systems was just worrying

Hardly one lol.

The people wanting a new nation are already a niche here and the people on this forum are already a niche compared to the playerbase.

Some new minor nation will hardly change that lol.


I think it’s fair to say unless there’s evidence in datamines or stated by the devs, it’s a “it’s done when it’s done” thing lmao

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I know I was mainly joking with that comment

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R-73 was still a WIP when it was first deployed and we made that very clear. SRAAM data come up long after its release and needs to be properly reviewed. The two situations are not the same.


That’s always the case. That’s also why I have doubts about the Gripen and the AMRAAMs

Gripen was confirmed by the developers
Smin has stated a new top tier jet is coming for UK this year

AMRAAMs are total speculation beyond:
There’s AIM120 and R77 in the CDK, with models
There’s loadouts datamined with AMRAAMS + AIM9Ms which is evidence it’s being tested

and the fact that Gripen can only run AMRAAM

IR missiles only moment lmao

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