Kings of Battle - Rumor Round-Up and Discussion (Part 2)

They wanted to replace the EEL with it

Looks like an aircraft that would have a pilot death rate of 84% and i love it

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@Smin1080p Have you seen my answer to yesterday’s question?



And thats enough war thunder forums for now, i need to take a break after all this wacky stuff, enjoy people

Hello I resurrected the old [Discussion] Balance, Bias, Matchmaking and Battle Ratings so please take the balance and bias discussion there. The Rumor Round-Up is getting seriously unreadable with almoast hundreds of posts an hour.


This would probably get it a placement of at least 12.0 if added without AIM-120s though.

when F-15?

Looks like it actually might’ve had smokeless or less smokey motor in the late production or in US service. I can’t give you a definitive answer tho.

At the same time, if the F-4F ICE does get amraams, it should be a lower BR than F-16s with amraams


What about planes with no amraams 1br down that gonna meet the F-4C ICE ?

Gaijin has to increase the BR cap to 12.7, leaving the F-4F ICE at 12.3 which would be the only fair balancing solution. Also, anything -0.7 BR from the top BR is almost always guarantied a full uptier to the top BR.

Is there any possibility that gaijin might consider new battleship toptier rank 6 from Royal navy this major update ?

Makes we wonder why these ships weren’t ready last patch when the new rank was announced. Well i actually think the new ships look great but yeah underwhelming for blog day at least they got 2 of them at the same time. Tho there is also France and Italy left for premium BBs.

Don’t worry, I only have 39 minutes.

A Dunkerque (6.7) premium and the more admored Strasbourg (7.0) together would make the TT really more appealing, with a goal at least.

Also perhaps these ships was not mean to be here first, and they still working on the broken thing.

Much appreciated.

Stop wish listing vehicles, and start wish listing a better gameplay experience!


Looks like a KSP vehicle

You are poisoning the WT community and making it worse, leave