Kings of Battle - Rumor Round-Up and Discussion (Part 1)

Hmm… So no Gripen carried Aim-120C?

To my knowledge, they jumped straight from AIM-120B to Meteor.

Yeah, that could be a problem. Not that the devs seem to care much about Swedish air. So you never know. But prehaps they’ll give Mig-29 just a more advanced R-27 instead. Aim-120B for most nations.

PL-12 might be a simple choice for J-8F due to it being a weak airframe (and maybe Aim-120C for other weak airframes) but not sure theyd do about France with no MICA.

The MICA IR isn’t as good as the MICA EM due to being IR guided, so they might add that first with the EM coming a few updates later.

That would work. A small part of me thinks that if the Sea Harrier FA2 does come next. Maybe it should get Aim-120Cs just for an advantage. I was hoping it would be the first with Aim-9M for a small buff, but that ship has sailed

That and the AV-8B Plus getting them will likely be Britain and Italy’s introductions to ARH missiles.

That would be my guess for both nations as well. Would make sense.

Though maybe a Tornado F3 CSP as well with Aim-120B and maybe F-16C with Aim-120B for Italy (I think they had those)

I’m not sure if Italy used F-16C’s, however if so, that would be a good option, as would the Tornado for Britain.

Yeah, We’ll have to wait and see. But Personally, Im fed up with the F3. So if all we got was the CSP upgrade for the F3 or a CSP version. I’d be rather pissed. I strongly hope Sea Harrier FA2 is added either as britains only AMRAAM carrier or as well as. I reckon its going to be an interesting and fun little aircraft to fly in and unlike the F3. Shouldnt be totally DOA again

Known issue. Already reported

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Sweden should be getting F-16s


Italy used F-16A/B Block 15 ADF with AIM-120C and AIM-9M



Italian ADF used both the B and C model. Aim-120 C-5 was the among the standard weapon during the war in Lybia back in 2011. Concering Sidewinders, as fai as I know we had an advanced vertion of Lima but not the M.

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Very interesting. I’m guessing they’ll get a B with those, then.

Would require Norwegian or Danish sub-tree. So it is possible at some point. Norwegian presumably more likely given the premium vehicles added.

I damn well hope Sweden doesn’t get an F-16.

That was fairly standard for most european nations. With the exception of the Sea Harrier FA2 and the Torando F3 during the 1991 Gulf war. Britain never used Aim-9M. It was Aim-9L/I till 1998 then ASRAAM.

Germany too I think used Aim-9L/I until IRIS-T

Well, what are the alternatives for a top tier strike aircraft? F-18 from Finland i guess? Iirc Sweden didn’t really do much CAS

Norway at your service