Kings of Battle - Rumor Round-Up and Discussion (Part 1)

yeh we bought it from the israelis…

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Any modifications done in the UK ones?Otherwise it shouldn’t be added in the UK tree.

the eurofighter got hard denied by smin for the near future, if they are rooughly equal fighter this denies the rafale and f/a 18 for at least another hald year

maybe they can add some canadair fighters as well…

You want some Canadair in WT ? :p

theyre in service in the uk?

I’m happy that there’s the Vickers Mk11 coming, I want to have hope there’s more for Britain too but given that the last few patches have shafted Britain I’m fearful you’re right 😂

Mig-31 is 4x R-73s and 4x AIM-54 equivalent missiles, it’s ~12.3. Mig-29SMT is unironically better.

damn someone reported my comment lmao, i mean i knew someone would eventually get mad about my suggestion cuz some sk people have a hatred towards japan but it took less than i expected

We should be honest and stop expecting such things as advanced 4th gens by this year… Gaijin will probably add BVRAAMs to existing airframes (SMT, 16C) and/or to less capable airframes (deeply modernised MiG-21s, F-4F ICE) to avoid serious gameplay issues at top tier while modern, capable BVRAAMs are in their infancy in game.
We still have MANY aircraft of existing generations that could, should, be added before we must jump to better 4s…

Let’s all temper our expectations of Gaijin 1000% moving forward with Su-27s, Rafales, F-18s this year or any decent bit of the next

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Something even cooler

the exisiting airframes of f16c and smt will still completly body old ones like mig 21s, f4f ice harriers etc and the meta will stills tay in the hands of russia and us

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tbh i want to see F4F ICE

Can’t wait to have 6 MICAs on the Mirage 2000-5F and not those loadouts from science fiction that he’s never used, just sad to be limited to 4 missile on a plane that was made for using 6 others.

If they could add wing fuel tank too, would be nice, Mirages 2000s looks naked to me without them ;D

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i want as well, but it is coming way to late, the f4f frame just cant hold a candle anymore compared to the current newer additions

I see the topics has only shifted slightly

From the last time I checked (yesterday)

bro if the rafaelle its comming then its probable that an early version of the typhoon is comming yes even when Smin said that it is not i mean look at the F16 AJ “never comming” in game, yeah… weird

yeah F4F ICE its just too late at this point

honestly it is just gajins own fault with how they just rushed the recent top tier aircraft additions