Kings of Battle - Rumor Round-Up and Discussion (Part 1)

Did german tornado even carried these?


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Later ones probably did. Would be equivalent to Tornado Gr4 carrying ASRAAM

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Later in their service life, yes.

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Ok, i didnt knew that. Noted.

well well well

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ehhh - no

Late Tornado IDS is my guess for what will be the first with the next gen of missiles. ASRAAM for Gr4. IRIS-T for ASSTA 3 due to low flight performance and limited hard points. But I reckon we wont see either till end of next year at the earliest

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That was to be expected. We will see more and more most modern stuff, as we get closer and cloaser to the end of the ground options

He seriously believes that it’d be balanced.

Even that is too early. Those missiles really are that powerful.

“So what?” maybe that you can flare a 9M? And an iris t you don’t?

Didn’t Olivia leaked two T-90s ?

Yeah, I know, though has to happen eventually.

That being said… we’ve gone from aim-9L to Aim-9M in only a little over a year and we are well and truly into Gen 4+ era. So not totally far fetched.

Im also concerned how they’d balance Gr4 with Brimstone in both A2A and A2G without some decent AAMs. Its Aim-9L or ASRAAM. Not sure if it could or ever did carry Aim-9L/I variant (though probably could) but even then, might not be enough for balance.

When the live the T-90M in the current state of GF RB, it would be a balancing disaster. Ru players would have alot fun, though.

yea, she did, and this confirms rank 8 soon(i know rank 8 was confirmed dont tell me about it)

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T-90M Obr. 2020
M109A1 (US)
JP DD Sagiri
US BB Mississippi
PCE-842-Class Patrol Craft
Kondor2 Class Minesweeper
DD Desaix-Class Desaix
DD Desaix-Class Kleber
Cruiser Omaha-Class Murmansk
BT-7M “816”

Yes, but what can we do, nothing.

Yea rank 8 is coming with these two and more leopards this year no doubt.
Plus it was teased in the road map too.

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Play low tier^^