Kings of Battle - Rumor Round-Up and Discussion (Part 1)

That is completely and utterly irrelevant.

Aim-9L/is apparently a little better IRCCM than Aim-9M. Just no smokeless motor and everything else is the same. You want to bring a next gen IR missiles. Something so advanced that nothing could ever compete, Why?

Aim-9L/I = Aim-9M = R-73

IRIS-T = ASRAAM = R-73M/R-74

Otherwise, ASRAAM please on the Gr7, Tornado F3, Sea Harrier FA2, etc.

Nah its just a Phantom at the end. Never. Spicing it up a bit with Iris would be appropriate.

A Phantom with unavoidable weaponry.

I think it’s perfectly reasonable to hold off on things like IRIS-T for a while considering it’s light-years ahead of everything else in game performance wise.

Putting it on a “worse airframe” like an F-4F ICE doesn’t change that fact either. It’s still 2-4 free kills against anything in WVR.

Personally I think what we should be focusing on is better maps/game modes and gameplay for top tier because what we have right now just ain’t it chief. And asking for one of the most powerful AAMs in the world to be added right now isn’t going to help things only make them worse…

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Wow I only went to look at one video hehe

A Phantom, that is a brick yes, but IRIS-T has 60g thrust vectoring ability with LOAL and ability to kill targets all around plane it is launched from.


I would personally like for all top tier maps to be EC size so that BVR combat is actually BVR and not WVR masquerading as BVR.

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Do is see a Vulcan there :)

I do like the Israeli rank 1-3 air tree. Should help out the rank 1-3 ground too.

Tornado should also get Iris. Mabye it gets bit more viable, right now its pretty sad.

Yeah, the suggestion got past earlier today. Would be cool, but still a fairly low chance of coming

No, it should not. The IRIS-T would be insanely overpowered and should not be added for a long time.

Did german tornado even carried these?


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Later ones probably did. Would be equivalent to Tornado Gr4 carrying ASRAAM

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Later in their service life, yes.

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Ok, i didnt knew that. Noted.

well well well

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