Kings of battle naval is just so weird

Let’s start with Yamashiro. It’s just so unpleasant. Japan lost its tech tree ship to come before Fuso, while Ise has Hyuga before it. As Japan lacks 14 inch super dreadnought, it is not a wise choice to make Yamashiro as premium ship.

There could be a Kirishima and Hiei that can be put as a premium ship. They are also somewhat more survivable than super dreadnoughts recently so could be a better ship for newcomers who were not freindly with how to angle.

Yamashiro’s BR is also problematic. 7.0 for ship with 12 Japanese 14-inch? Also it’s survivability is better than Hyuga, which is 7.0 tech tree ship and people doesn’t question about it. If Gaijin think Yamashiro is 6.7 because it is weaker than Fuso, the right answer is ‘Fuso and Ise should be kicked to 7.3 with Kronshtadt and Scharnhorst’.

Another ship on focus is Conte di Cavour on CDK. Really Gaijin? Modification plan that didn’t even took place? Want to know why they did not implement 1940 version? Because its AA is weaker than Duilio? Come on, we already have Ise(1941) and Fuso(1944) and its not that big of a problem.

Is it just Gaijin’s indifference on ship or some future vehicle making feature? I’m curious because it is Italian ship. As we have precedent example of non-comissioned ship start with Commandnate/Etna then Kronshtadt, maybe this can be start of ‘only planned modification’ implemented to ship if Gaijin intends it.

Iron duke is definitely not a problem so I’ll not talk about it.


If it is, that might explain why the never-built Sparviero “Art” turned up in the big leaks of 2021:

( new - Album on Imgur )

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AFAIK it is ‘failed’ design in favor of Sparviero ingame. Am I wrong? Is this modification plan of existing Sparviero class?

Projected upgrade that never saw fruition.

Oh thanks. I’ve learned something.

Okay. Conte Di Cavour is in Dev Server. With Scharnhorst.
Seriously? This thing can’t go higher than 6.7. What’s developers thinking?