Killcam Deception


Played a round of RB and encountered strange Kill Cam glitch. Wondering if its a known issue? It appears the killcam is not indicating correct module damage nor crew count after you hit them. I hit this M1A2 initially and it only destroyed the breach and killed one crew. When he repaired, popped out again I hit him again, the kill cam said I killed 2 more crew and disabled his gun, but from his view point no damage was taken. I saw the round hit the turret armor which would make sense that it should not have done any damage, yet the kill cam is saying his barrel is disabled and only has 1 crewmember?

I have been noticing other similiar issues with the kill cam saying the barrel is down when it really isnt and getting smoked because of it.

Also, the weird graphical distortion threw me off, is that another known issue or something I can fix? This seems new, along with tanks disappearing in smoke when it hasn’t fully billowed.

-Slay bodies