Kill shot that doesn't kill

The M 551 has a 154mm heat shell . Take a look at these screen shots and tsll me , kill shot or not ?

It hit the side of the hull as you can see by the two screen shots .{t didn’t kill him ,it didn’t even hurt him . I got killed by the tank that i just killed or should have .This is one of the things that is so frustrating in game ,but it should be .You do everything wright to win a encounter but get rewarded with getting killed from the tank I should have killed . How the heck can you win if the game gives you results like this . [from just about ready to give up ]

it took out his engine and transmission and started a fire. There is a fire wall separating the crew from the engine room so they were safe from any overpressure.

It’s not a server replay
Client replays may have errors