Kill counting as crashes

this is very anoying when i set an enamy on fire or crit them and they crash into me and they get the kill but i dont or they crash into the ground after i crit them so many time and it counts as a crash. They need to fix this its so annoying not getting the kill.


I recently shot up P-59A - black wingroots, both engines damaged, other damage all around. Guy was barely flying. I rammed my plane into him, because I was out of ammo at this point - crash. Ridiculous

You crashed on purpose… that’s different than letting it going down and not having a kill.

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i do head ons and we both crash and the other person gets the kill but i dont get the kill for them even tho we where both on fire and still alive.

Well, I crashed into him to bring him.down. why did the game decide he “crashed”? It was a legit kill. I’ve rammed a TON of people and almost always got the kill if the guy was damaged beforehand. That ramming won me the match, because the guy might have flown back to AF even with heavy damage - P-59A produces a ton of lift and he was only going so slow because he was trying to dodge me, if he went straight - who knows.

Anyway, people should be awarded a kill in such circumstances same as if their target crashed to the ground.


Kamikaze is a viable strategy

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No because it leads to more and more Head-on shit play.

I did since 2013, i did yesterday too,…

By experience:
i saw that Headon shit was less present when Gaijin added some “no kill” given on head-on crash in 2016

This have improved ARB gameplay a Lot currently.

I’ve hit multiple people with missiles and instead of giving me the kill the game just says the enemy ripped his wings off instead. No kill.

It doesn’t improve anything, people full commit all.the time. Denying a reward for critting the enemy and them ramming him is pointless and ridiculous. And it was a 7 or 8 kill game, that one more would have made it so much more fun. But nah, because some scrub thinks it’s situations like this that make hom die in a head-on.
BTW I almost always get a kill during head-on crash. Yeah, great system, works like a charm.

Bruh,… maybe it’s time to read,…

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I’ve read your comment and apparently you have no idea. This whole great “system” actually awards kills in a head-on crash quite liberally. But it denies legit ramming kills. Huge improvement. It’s always fun when random scrubs with low skill and limited experience support solutions that are clearly hurting the gameplay. Killing insanely OP.5.3 jet by gunfire and ramming and winning the game this way shouldn’t result in enemy “crashing”. And I couldn’t care less about head-ons. People die before they crash into each other most of the time anyway. And head-on is as popular as ever.

Overal - the game is just less fun, but scrubs are happy that some matches are ruined for superior players who use ramming to get a fun last kill.

Well i might be too good to get rammed then,… i never had this issue in years,…

And even if i’m willing to trust your says, i can’t because of experience i have from the game.

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That’s the problem with mediocre players - your experience is always wrong.

Anyway, the thing is - the reward system doesn:t work correctly. But the most fun thing is the “crit first, get the kill on bailout/crash” thing. I have made one of these absolutely laughable crits where enemy flew like undamaged(because some tiny part of wing and half of vertical staboliser, not even rudder, got dark yellow will not affect flight performance in any noticeable way), then after some time my teammate attacks, smashes guy’s engine, rips most of controls off, snaps the wingtip, sets the guy on fire. He bails our - and I get the kill for doing jack AF camper to him. Almost as fun as treating someone getting shot to pieces and then rammed as “crash”.
Happened to me several times too, I shoot the plane to pieces, it hits the ground, I don’t get the kill, then it turns out he had some insignificqnt part of fuselage dark yellow before :D