Yet an other plane that isn’t competitive at it’s BR.

Starts with a single 20mm with 50 shots.

Same BR as the F-80, Me 262, Su-9. Slower than all of those, less ammo, less guns.

On the plus side, starts with a 500 kg bomb, which is the only way to get kills in it. But the Ar 234 does a better job with bombs at 6.3.

Very sad considering its Japan’s only 7.# jet.

Most of the time I end up with 2-3 jets on my tail, easily catching up to the Kikka.

Please do share your opinions on it.

its actually a really nice jet for it’s br but it does need to be fully upgraded. its not the fastest but its not the slowest, it hits like a brick and doesnt rip its wings so like many planes its trade off you need to accomodate


I knew a Kikka thread existed, it was at the very bottom lol anyhow, I googled about the Kikka, why isn’t it labeled as a Ground Strike Aircraft like the Me 262 A-1a/Jabo? I read that its role was anti-ship/ground attacks.

Correction it is a single 30mm. Also 2 it was meant to be a Jet bomber, not a fighter. Real life it wasn’t armed at all. Nor ever planned to.