Ki-48-II Otsu: Various Historical Inaccuracies

Making this a separate thread for visibility, instead of having it as a reply to a different thread.

As it is in-game, the Ki-48-II Otsu has a number of inaccuracies, the most prominent of which are the following:

  1. The aircraft is missing its Nose Gunner / Bombardier, as well as bombsight view for conventional bombs. The latter of these negates its ability to effectively do level bombing. In addition, the statcard lists 4 crew members when only 3 are present, suggesting the nose gunner/bombardier should be there, but isn’t.

  2. The aircraft is missing its bomb bay doors when conventional bombs are equipped. While the doors were removed for testing the Ki-148 missile, they would have been reattached for conventional loadouts.

  3. The aircraft is missing its dive brakes. The -II Otsu was a dive bomber variant equipped with a pair of “snow fence” dive brakes, one under each outboard wing panel just outboard of the engine nacelles. These would be very helpful with aiming the Ki-148 missile.

  4. The aircraft’s conventional bombload is too small, missing historically-equipped loads of 2x250kg bombs and 1xx500kg bomb.

I have made reports for the first three of these in the issues portal of the Gaijin community site. Another user made a report for the fourth (missing bomb loads), which was passed to the developers earlier today. My three reports, containing sources concerning them, are linked below:

  1. Missing Nose Gunner / Bombardier: // Issues
  2. Missing Bomb Bay Doors: // Issues
  3. Missing Dive Brakes: // Issues

If you wish to support these reports, you can click “I have the same issue!” through each of these. Your support would be greatly appreciated!

In addition, if anyone has any additional sources concerning these three issues, please share if you are able.



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Was surprised to see a frontline bomber without a good bombing loadout and without a bomb sight.