KI-48, help bug reporting the missing bomb loads

Hi guys, wanted to see what the opinions are on the KI-48. I also need to get some sources together to make some bug reports, as the plane is missing some of its bigger bomb loads:

The ones marked with red are currently present in the game. my big issue is i don’t speak/read japanese, so though i have sources like the Manual for operating Type 99 (Models 1 and 2), twin-engined light bomber , published by Tokorozawa Army Air Maintenance school, October 1944. Report No. 15n(13), USSBS Index Section 2

and the Manual for piloting Type 99 twin-engined light bomber, published by Inspectorate General of Aviation, December 1943. Report No. 1b(11), USSBS Index Section 2. Frame Number 92-131.

readily available, i cant really make a bug report as i am struggling to find the relevant information.


The page related to bombs is on page 72 of the above document, and on page 127 of the below document. Although I can read Japanese, this document contains old kanji, so there is a possibility that I have missed some parts.

Thanks bud, the switch of kanji post-war was what was giving me issues, as I couldn’t just use a readily available translation app. Is the page numbers given the page of the document or the pdf pages?

as the only one i can make heads or tails of is this one


The page numbers are from the PDF.

thanks going to have to get someone to translate teh second one then, as i have ligit no idea what is being said, while the other doc just shows the bombloads we have in game

This part is on page 127. The part circled in blue is the part that describes the bomb. The green area shows how to suspend 100kg and 50kg bombs. The part circled in red is about the suspension method for 250kg and 500kg bombs. It is written that a special suspension method is used for this large bomb. The part circled in orange is a description of how to suspend 30kg and 50kg bombs.

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Thanks bud, i will make the report now then :), it seems that the 800kg bomb eludes me though ;(

Bug reported with the help provided :)

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speaking of issues with Ki-48 do we know if the Ki-148 is currently correct?

Im not sure, my test flights of it made it seem basically unusable so i am not sure