Ki-100-II for 75% off worth it for Ground?

I got 75% off coupon for Ki-100-II and I am strongly considering it for Ground. Is 75% just no brainer? I would have to buy GE. I could list all pros and cons and blah blah blah, but I just want opinion on the plane and discounts, I guess. I should mention, I very rarely fly planes.

I found these two videos:

Defyn doesn’t sound very persuasive, but he plays Air and I would mainly use it for Ground

Again Air and both videos are the same age, but not sure if they both talk about the same ingame version of the plane

Havent flown the prem, the tech tree one was decent but nothing to write home about in GRB, which is where I spaded it.

Highly recommend a Zero instead, A6M5 Ko is bonkers good in GRB. (If they’d stop uptiering it to the moon that is).

I dont recommend the prem Ki-61 though, they are difficult to fly especially in GRB and take a lot of patience and setup to win dogfights due to their lackluster engine power and fairly average turn rates.

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There are a number of discounts that come around every year that makes every GE vehicle 50% off, so any discount less than that isnt worth even looking at, anything more is open for consideration. 75% is pretty nice, and for 325GE the Ki-100-II is a decent pickup. It is rank 3, which means you can grind events with it and do dailes and specials, and overall it is very similar to the tech tree versions, and is a great jack of all trades sort of plane. That said, if you are buying it for ground, the flight performance will not matter as much, you can get a pair of 250kg bombs with independant drops, so if you can drop them accurately you can get a couple of kills. The thing always when deciding to buy something in this game is: do you have the expendable income? are you wanting to grind the tree the premium is from/are you getting it to complete a lineup? and are there better/cheaper options. So, if you do have the expendable income, you are going to use this in the 3.7 ground lineup and want to grind the japanese air tree, i would say that there arent really better premium alternatives, as the P-51 and Ki-96 dont carry bombs, and the B7A2 only carries 1, though it is a 800kg bomb. I would say it is just as good as any of the TT Ki-61’s, so if you dont have them this would be a fine subsistute. Overall, for 325GE I dont think you would regret buying this unless you just never played it.

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I can recommend it personally, given its at a lower BR than the now-ridiculously-overtiered A6M5 Ko.

It will shoot down all the CAS, and has a couple decent 250kg bombs to kill tanks with. Definitely not easy to kill armored targets using them, but more than possible if you aim well enough.

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You wont notice the difference between regular TT version in GRB.

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I use the Ki-100 for CAS in GRB because the radial engine is (theoretically) more suriviable over the Ki-67’s :3

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It’s okay.

Its only real advantage over the tech tree Ki-100 is that it has a turbocharger (seen on the bottom) that gives it incredible high altitude performance for its BR.

As you’re only doing GRB, I can’t really recommend it. The tech tree version is better there as it is ~200kg lighter. The only benefit would be the increased research/SL gain but that’d be minimal if you’re not playing an air battle mode with it.

If you want to get it, its not a bad starter if you want to get into Air RB, otherwise just get the tech tree Ki-100. It’s not really worth it for ground.

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