Khalid (Chieftain) Needs L23A1 Or Battle Rating of 9.0

The Khalid MBT


This thing is absolutely mediocre at 9.3 with little to no unique attributes at this BR, the mobility is what you’d expect from a medium armoured vehicle, the shell is absolutely dog poop (even the 9.0 ZTZ88As gun performs much better whilst only being a 105mm) and there is a lack of thermals for the vehicle.

I should first mention the shell this thing uses:

The L23 is the earliest 120mm APFSDS shell which can be found on British tanks, the shell on paper performs decently well and especially at 9.3 but this is the opposite whilst in matches.


  • A major flaw of this shell is the angled performance, this thing absolutely LOVES to get hammered by angled armour and a example would be the ZTZ96s upper plate.

  • Another flaw of this shell is the shrapnel created once the shell penetrates the vehicle, this thing weighs 3.89kg (the Israeli M111 which performs better with angled armour weighs 4.2kg). Because of this weighting as much as my left toe nail it creates little to no shrapnel and in combination of its poor angled performance it makes this shell absolutely unusable.


The Type 1985-I APFSDS is a shell which can be found on another 9.3 vehicle (that being the ZTZ96) - it performs similarly to the L26 let alone L23 or L23A1

Another issue I must mention:

The survivability of the Chieftains in general are usually mediocre but the Chieftain Mk.10 somewhat fixed this with the extensively stronger turret. The Khalid MBT completely abandons this for more mobility however which is somewhat good in most scenarios but realistically this is more of a side grade.

Gaijin treats this as being a major advantage and views the Khalid MBT as a far superior vehicle compared to the Chieftain Mk.10 which still baffles me. You should either give this thing L23A1 or move it down to 9.0 (like where the Chieftain Mk.10 sits) if you want this thing to be somewhat competitive.

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  • Give It L23A1
  • Move It Down To 9.0
  • Keep It The Same
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Id love for it to be a 9.0 tank with the .