KH-38 vs Martel... Intressting balancing choice



Martel literally doesn’t work like it does IRL at all.

Its less than half the speed of Kh-38 and the lock range is pitiful.

Unless something changes, Martel is probably just a gimmick.

what he said : 1.3 BR in between them β†’ not counterpart intended

The development of Kh-38MTE is not finished until 2017.

Apparently Gaijin is using outdated data.
The producer of the missile KTRV claims that the flight speed of missile is 350-380m/s.
They deleted the description of 2.2 mach and add the new description in 2022.

And there is also doubt about whether its IR seeker is DSMAC-kind technology like SPICE/JSOW-C.


Kh-38 looks like loads of fun

the x-38 should be smokeless