KF41 need a buff or needs to go down to 10.3

I unlocked the KF41 yesterday and what I saw while playing it is that it is so bad for its BR. This is because of the fact that the KF41 is just a less survivable puma with spikemissiles and there is my point why is it 0.7 BR higer than the puma. Because it get the useless spikemissiles. If the spike missiles can be controlled manuel I would say 10.3 is still okay but the fire and forget function is really unreliable. I hop it gets a buff which makes it usefull in the future but atm its as useless as the top tier Ariete tanks.


Given that you unlocked it yesterday, I assume you haven’t spaded (unlocked all mods for) it yet. A lot of vehicles straight up suck when they’re stock, but perform decently when spaded. I don’t have the KF41 so I can’t say anything about it, but what I can do is recommend you to spade it before judging it.

I got thermals, Laser rang and APFSDS which are most important and do the most. The other stuff isn’t really important. But as I said the survivability and the fact that this is such a big tank are the main points why this thing is so bad.

Or they just need to fix Spike missiles so they’re not useless.

As I said yeah