KF41 Lynx Missing Features

The KF41 currently sits in a rather unfortunate position missing a lot of its real life features. That, combined with its unjustified BR of 10.7, makes it not worth playing at all.

Below, I will list all the missing features of the vehicle in War Thunder:

1.Spike LR2 has multiple firing modes (top-attack vs direct) Also, unfolding launcher.

2.Additional armor on the lower plate (you can actually see it in game but it’s not modelled). This should make the vehicle immune to 30mm autocannons.

3.Spall liner
“[…] a spall liner in the vehicle interior serves as final line of defence […]”
source (page 7, top right)

“[…] A harcjármű belső oldalfalait repeszhatást-csökkentő, ún. spall-liner burkolat védi […]”
source (page 5, second paragraph)

4.The Strike Shield should have a reaction time of 560 microseconds, one of the best in the world. In War Thunder, half the time it doesn’t detect incoming threats.

Overall, these changes would justify the high BR and make the vehicle more competitive as well as accurate to real life.


missile launcher should also be able to adjust up and down which would make the vehicle capable of hitting targets within 300m with the ATGM, and the mk30-2 should be significantly more accurate than it is right now.

As far as APS goes, I believe what is happening is that the system “destroys” the projectile by causing it to activate, and the blast effect and HEAT jet will often times damage or destroy the vehicle. I believe this happens with all APS systems but lynx is the only one that doesnt have a relatively substantial amount of armor to back it up. I have had a milan 1 kill a black night from the side in testing via the same method

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