KF41 Basically Unplayable

The KF41 Lynx is literally unplayable at it current state. The reason why it is unplayable come down to a few factors.

  1. APS: The KF41 APS is not working correctly. On the Test Drive, it works. In real matches it doesn’t.
  2. Spike ATGM: Where do I even begin with these missiles. Currently in game the Spike Missiles are currently dog c_ap. First, you need a complete line of sight for the missiles to get a lock. Second, matter what angle you lock the target on, it always goes to the drivers optics. Now this wouldn’t be a problem with head on locks. However, if there is a slight angle of the vehicle, lets say your facing the target at 12 o clock, but he’s facing perpendicular to you, you’ll only kill the driver and maybe destroy a track in the process. Not to mention Spikes are completely unreliable in the fact that if a vehicle is going its top speed and speeds past a tree or a bush that missile will explode mid flight.
  3. It’s 30mm Gun: Now the 30mm isn’t really the problem here. Sure it’s the same gun as the Puma but it still get the job done. I heard the KF41 could have the 35mm Wotan autocannon.

yeah could have, it could have an unmanned turret as well. But simply that arent the versions Hungary is using so they wont get them. As it stands currently germany would be the receiver of those version, since gajin said germany will get other Lynxs. That includes greek proposed and australian one.
Italy would get the italien KF41 if they decide to order them, but yet to see what their configuration looks like

Edit: just in case someone calls me a liar again, here rheinmetall stating the specific version hungary is using

Is that why all the German players stopped asking for it all of a sudden


we didnt stop, just gave up at this moment, gajin made it pretty clear we wont be getting this version of the KF41. If we get it will propably only be in another year or 2 but at least we hope we can just laugh then because we get an superior version


Dont know why’d you want it anyhow legit just a worse Puma with spikes tbh


Well, imagine how painful it would be to fight against vehicles with actually functional fire and forget missiles

because of the main reason most german players are intrested in it, it would be for the foreseeable future the only available APS system vehicle germany could get, sure it might be bodged currently but that is another problem on gajins part. The only real other possible options would be the Leopard 2A7A1, and how far that one is away we wont even start discussing, besides that maybe the german ordered Boxer RCT 30, which basicaly is complete same as the KF41 with unmanned turret and Strikeshield as well but on a wheel based chassis which would be intresting and would diverge more from the Puma then the KF41.

The problem is we know how much gajin hates making new models if their isnt a real specific reason, same with the Puma the model is so broken they wont bother fixing it until they need to release another Puma Variant with Spikes, that is why it is getting delayed as well whole new model with fixing model mistakes as well and that means work and not just able to copy pasta stuff like a lot of stuff is.

So APS system and Spikes propably are a good bit away for germany and thats why german players wanted it, because they bring something new and different to the tree and isnt potentialy another 3-4 or more patches away

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tbh germany really shouldnt be the next nation to get spikes it should be israel

oh yeah definitly never demanded germany to be the first recipent or next, the fact that israel wasnt the first is the stupidest thing to me. Should just have been given to multiple nations together, easily the main subject of a whole mayor patch originaly

Honestly its more annoying that Italy ironically got both Spike additions before everyone even got 1


No doubt Germany will get them next tho due to that nation being a money maker and its probs on the Puma (Or the Wiesel lol)

Eh doubt it is gonna be the Puma, they need to completly remake the broken model + the adiditonal additions of the Puma VSJF variant to much work for gajin. I would add fixing the cannon as well and making AHEAD viable , but they didnt bother for the KF41 so i doubt they would for the coming Puma variant either.

Besides that funnily enough the Wiesel 1 MELLS with spikes suggestion is from me lol, so i certainly would like it to be added

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Id rather it be the Wiesel with the RMK 30
rat upgrade with APFSDS



propably to similar, and since it is a testing vehicle gonna end up as event or premium sadly

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Thats my favorite. Hot-2 + 20mm RMK. Perfect loadout to counter all threats.


At least one unique high tier family germany has that is a lot of fun and wont end up in another nations tech tree

Not sure why German players want a worse PUMA that Germany never serviced themselves.
Nothing takes years for Germany. They get things months at the latest.


Already mentioned the reasons here as well

This is Gaijin’s discrimination against the Italian technology tree. He carried out targeted discrimination by not fixing any bugs and assigning some inexplicable and unfounded armor values.