KF41 armor

Did it have any spal liners?
And is the aps working properly on it?
Becouse on wikipedia is difrent then in game idk if its even accurate on wiki

“Due to the short reaction time of approximately 560 microseconds, threats can be eliminated at ranges of approximately 10 m, not depending on the speed of the threat. AMAP-ADS is one of the fastest active protection systems, faster than [Quick Kill], [Iron Fist] or [Trophy]”

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A few corrections, the APS on the Lynx is StrikeShield, a further development of AMAP-ADS, but yes it should be a lot more functional than it is currently.
I have no idea on the spall liners, I would hazard that it might have them but I dont have anything backing that up
Not to mention the armor in game is nowhere near close to accurate. The Lynx should be at least STANAG level 6, meaning resistant to 30mm APDS/APFSDS from the frontal 90 degrees + 30 degrees on the side from that.


i found something about spall liners

page 7 the top right of it


Strike Shield does actually work in game the problem is with all active kill aps. They destroy the projectile by causing them to detonate. Kf-41 doesnt have the armor behind the aps to survive the blast effects which often cause damage to the vehicle or even kill it. Everything else with APS has the armor to back it up which is why they feel more effective. We know this isnt how Strike Shield is supposed to work because it is designed to function on unarmored trucks

TBF the Lynx is also missing a good amount of armor on the front too

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Tow2 and any difrent Rockets can be blocked by it but it cant block anythink that’s going more then 700m/s and it should at least detonate heatfs/heat/he becouse it got the fastest reaction time of any aps in game