KF41 and puma still horrible

KF41 and Puma at their current BRs make them horrible. Please buff them already.


Puma is a beast, the KF41 however is a bit rough. The Launcher on the KF41 should be adjustable so you can hit close targets

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PUMA sounds are enough to offset any deficiencies it has.

When the S1 variant armed with MELLS is introduced, the Puma is going to be throwing hands.

Puma only has a slow firing 30mm that can barely pen the side of tanks. Let alone head on fights it just gets ran over 10/10 times. Only redeeming quality is its drone.


i have no idea where this came from.
all it takes is era on the sides to completely eat ur shots


The Puma’s main gun, along with the KF41’s is definitely plenty enough to put in work. The Puma also has decent survivability to withstand multiple shots, especially if other players have skill issues. It’s just about managing your rounds and carefully placing your shots. I use it at 11.7 all the time. The KF41 on the other hand, lacks the ability to adjust its Spike launcher, causing many missiles unless at long range to miss. Being able to lower it would help a lot.