Kf41 and PUMA need you!

  1. Give PUMA and Kf-41 its working AHEAD
  2. Give Gepard its working FAPDS
  • NOW!!!
  • can wait

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AHEAD shells and FAPDS have quite a similar working principle.


During penetration, a frangible projectile’s core fragments into many high-velocity pieces. The effect of a frangible projectile on a lightly armoured target is much the same as a high explosive incendiary round, but with a cloud of dense, high-velocity fragments penetrating deeper into the target’s interior. Upon striking heavy armour the effect of FAPDS is more akin to a standard APDS, albeit with higher fragmentation of the core, and hence lethality if the armour is perforated.


is a type of airburst round ammunition that releases a cloud of sub-projectiles just ahead of a target, enabling it to engage conventional as well as low, slow and small (LSS) air threats.
The 35 mm variety produced by Oerlikon Contraves splits each projectile into 152 submunitions “that form a cone-shaped pattern to destroy a target’s control surfaces and other vital components”.

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well here is the thing according to gaijin logic since they gave us the PSO with wrong armure now they think that is enough for Germany for the next 2 to 3 yrs I want them to fix PUMA and Gepard but I don’t have high expectations


but why should we stand back?
we need to pressure gaijin again.
what about the germans at other BR’s from 9 to 10.7? we need these ammunitions to work.
not to even mention that one ammo used by the gepard that allows it to shoot down missiles

well you are right we should stand back but we have no numbers we are only small part of this community and gaijin already forget about us I mean look at this:
He 280 - Passed for Consideration - War Thunder - Official Forum
this suggestion about He 280 was on the old forums it passed the considerations not 2yrs not 5yrs ago but 9yrs ago and here we are now gaijin didn’t even consider adding it, another example is the Hummel its literally exists in the game as attack unit in low tier AR but gaijin never consider adding it to the TT, that’s why I have no high expectations plus they already succeed in making every one hate us by adding vehicles that don’t belong to Germany and made every one hate us for resaving tanks and planes that we didn’t ask for

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this is a real shame because the he-280 is actually a great aircraft and could rival many.
Gaijin might be more encouraged if we renamed the thread to AHEAD for Kf41 lynx-HUNGARY

You can’t post anything about current conflict, since it falls under politics, especially that one. It’s has caused a lot of problems in game and the forum

something about active war videos in thee guidlines

for what i remember seeing in the last forum there was a part on one of the official archives stating that the 30 mm AHEAD ammo has a total of 164 tungsten submunitions, and their dispersion cone can be modified by the gunner and commander if they want to an inmense area full of shrapnel to just a small cone to destroy a tiny drone like a kamikaze drone

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other sources seem to agree, the lowest ive heard is 152 tungsten pellets forming a cone extending outwards from the projectile, such as shown in this video:

well yeah since this ammo was made to be easily adjusted depending on the target either is it infantry man(wider area) or drones (smaller area)

idk if its intended for anti infantry use but as an airburst munition i think you have a point, i do recall reading about it somewhere

well i did read somewhere in the rheinmetall website something about how it can be programmed to defeat infantry hidding behind cover by making the spread radius spread in a 360 degrees if needed

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oh yeah the KETF, im reading about it rn, i wonder if anyone made a suggestion about that.
it works similar to AHEAD i think.
^ KETF penetration pattern

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i also found something about this the ammo seems to even be underperforming in both penetration and angle penetration lol

seems like a clean thru-n-thru
although to be fair, relatively hollow core ammunition dosent have the best pen, angled or otherwise

check the angle of penetration agaist a 35 mm steel armour if you make some very rough calculus you should get around 50 mm of pen at least maybe 60 at best in game its 43 mm of pen

ah ok so the in game one is underpowered

how must it feel being in a drone and seeing the ammo explode right in front of the camera as you are looking at the AA system


just a bit but yeah still underpowered