Keys randomly stop working

Some of my keybinds are randomly not working. If I use ALT+TAB then it starts working again. Anyone know why its happening?

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it was happening to me then like 2 days later, it fixed itself

I almost broke my perfectly fine keyboard because of this bug

Possibly overlapping key press combination/keybinds.

Have had that make keypress combinations do nothing. Not necessarily your issue tho.

It does happen when Gaijin dares to touch my keybind setup

This might be in the wrong category, you seek technical advioce.

I am sometimes losing my screen for a few seconds in match.

Alt-tab might indicate that another program did take over in windows perhaps?

I didn’t have any other program opened in background. It also works with the windows key.

Happens to me often, because i frequently tap ALT+TAB. Juts press TAB once everytime it happens, and it will be gone. I think what happens is sometimes when a player ALT+TABs out of war thunder the game falsely registers the TAB button as pressed when you reenter the game-app, so you have to “untoggle” the TAB-key.