Keyboard not working at times

My friend is having issues with his game. His keyboard stops responding intermittently while playing the game. this only seems to happen to War thunder and not to any other programs. Does anyone have a possible fix? please respond!

Ask him to go and check his keybinds or control layout, may of switched to a different preset by accident and that will sometimes affect functionality of the keyboard on game terms.

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Also check for Keyboard updates…

My own Keyboard has keys that stops responding intermittently while doing anything… games / web pages / Forum etc… so, also could either be a bug with the keyboard or defect

If he has tried everything… then may need to make a Bug / Technical report for his type of keyboard to the manufacturer

I cannot imagine that WT would be the sole cause for the technical issue, but he could try and PM a Tech Mod and see what kind of Bug Report he would need to file for the game

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