Keep Object 292 or sell

Today I just got the sale cupon for Object 292, but I have no idea how much it’ll cost on the market. If anyone has a thought of the price for it let me know.

You also need the tasks to be completed.

You are either a professional War Thunder player or the multipliers are really not balancing the event between ranks and game modes.


I’m pretty sure it’s gonna sell for big bucks, however I suggest holding onto it until you see what it’s worth, since you can just use it if it doesn’t sell for much. Probably gonna be very rare in the future given the long grind to get it and it being an amazing Russian powerhouse.

Good thinking, cheers

The task are no big deal tho

I mostly play SB for this events, the multipliers are pretty insane

Based on your first post… yeah I don’t doubt that.

Wait a bit till its more expensive.

If your record doesn’t fail you played 370 games last week. 10 min per game… 60h.

In my country the work week is between 37-40h.

If that’s easy …

The multipliers are completely unfair and you are just proving that. And you also played 376 matches in the last week, so I wonder why since with that multiplier you had plenty of time to do the event.

About the coupon, I would keep it and wait for a year or so to sell it before a Gaijin sale(not during the sale), like 1 month before one cause prices always drop around the start of every sale.


Jesus man how much have you played!?

How much is it to just buy with GE? Isn’t around 40 usd? I figure the market will flood with it because a good chunk of players play ground modes.

My advice is that once you get the coupon, use the upgrade. Once the upgrade is used, you can still activate the coupon, but the upgrade does disappear at the end of the event. So use the upgrade, and then wait and see for a bit. The price will usually take around a month or 2 or really start stabilizing. If at that point you decide you want to sell it, then do that. If you want to keep it, then activate the coupon.

My 1 advice is if you decide to sell it, don’t sell it right then. Hold onto the coupon, probably for at least a year. It’s playing the long game but you’ll be able to sell it for more if you hold onto it for a while.

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Nope. The coupon upgrade cannot be bought with GE. You have to grind that.

You can buy it with just GE but that’s already stupidly expensive for a new premium vehicle with unproven performance that you cannot sell on the market, and to get a coupon you need to have an insane amount of free time and dedication to the game.

Amount of coupons going to massively decrease, prices on the market going to be significantly increasing so Gaijin has essentially destroyed the player market and made it impossible for most people to get these event vehicles and they’re losing money in the proces.

Have to wonder what the thought process is at Gaijin, if there even is any, there are only losers from all of it.

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It is around 40usd though right? Give or take a few dollars. I don’t think it’s that expensive vs time spent grinding for it in game.

You can still activate the 292 while you have the upgrade coupon, the only difference is that you have the ability to sell it. You should click “Get Reward” when you unlock your 292, and from there, just wait until you see a desirable price.

If you don’t like the prices, simply activate the 292 again and start playin!

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It probably won’t be worth much considering how many people will do it and how easy it is to do, because everyone writes how rare and expensive it will be, everyone tries to organize this event to ensure that the vehicle is neither expensive nor rare.

People compare the time it takes to get something vs the price of thing, not the price of the thing vs what you’re getting, which is weird to me.

I assume it’s 1000GE per task for 8, depends on how you get your GE but I guess roughly $45 for a non-premium, stock vehicle at BR 10 where there is already a plethora of options and an unknown performance level, although I think we all know it’s going to absolutely destroy everything at that BR.

At that point you might as well just buy a premium at the same BR or 2-3 talismans for vehicles at that BR.