Keep Object 292 or sell

how easy it is to do

Jesus christ, you people.

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Seriously, 2.5 hours and I have a star done, T10A full downtier, ace crew and everyone is scared.

The T10A is a tank that is 10 times better than the IS-7 and many people do not realize how powerful it is.

He’s around 60 matches just today.

And most of his matches are in Ground RB, not in Ground SB.

Jesus H Christ…

Good for you, that’s’ not the same for everyone else.

2.5hrs at an average of lets say 3000 points equals 15 games at 10 minutes each.

I can’t be the only one to doubt that 45000 points is achievable in 2 and a half hours…

He really doesn’t need to make 45k because RB is subsidizing with an exaggerated multiplier.

Returning to the subject it is demonstrated that you can sell the tank if you give up your life for 10 days.

Supply and demand … As long as the supply is there, prices will be low. When the supply decreases, things get interesting. It can take two to three years before it becomes really interesting. Will WarThunder still be around then?

The work is a big problem, I managed to get 750k points only because I was sick and stayed at home from 2 feb :)

I guess time is the one that increases the prices

Think there’s any chance of object 292 to go even as high as 600 on the market? It’ll probably take years but if there is a chance I’ll sell it for object 279. My dream tank

if this thing stays at BR 10.0 or even only goes to BR 10.3 (Anything below 10.7) its going to be expensive on the market even in the first month, let alone a year (unless they bring it back as a limited availability in shop for GE).
and in the end it depends on if you feel like you want it or how mush it sells for compared to what you think its worth.
try setting a limit for yourself like “i wont sell unless i get x amount for it” even before you know the market, because then you know later if its worth holding on to it for a year or so.

Not anytime soon. Personally I think it will be much cheaper on the market than most people think or hope. Around 50-60 is my guess.

Maybe after a few years as you say. But by the time it reaches that numbers the 279 will probably be sold out like the IS-7 now or at best 1500+

Damm it then

i’m gonna bump this thread.
i’m looking at the market price live and it’s going bonkers at the moment.
i bet those who sold for 40-50 GJN 40 minutes ago now very much regret it as its currently (12:00 CET 21/2 -24) up to around 80 GJN at the lowest end.

Edit (will update continuously):
13:30 CET 21/2 -24 the price at lowest is around 90 GJN.