Kamchatka volcano

On the map " Kamchatka" there is a volcano, I had a great idea that if it ever got disturbed (accidentally bombed missile hits it or some sort of aircraft accidentally crashes into it) it will erupt, or, it will erupt closer to the end of the game spuing out rocks or lava that could damage our airframes a little


They haven’t gotten trees sorted out and you want them to add a dynamic map feature that will more than likely be ignored for all of the game’s life cycle?

It is a neat thought, but there are many, much larger fish to fry.


That would be super cool and very fun to see as a special event, but also, that’s not volcanoes work, so I doubt they’ll implement it. I’m no volcanologist, I can’t attest to whether or not a 12,000 lb bomb into the center of a volcano would do anything to make it erupt, but a smaller bomb and any missile most certainly would do nothing.

then again, this is a video game :) doesn’t need to be 100% real :D


I know, but there is a level of realism and your missile causing a volacano to erupt surpasses that.

What they should do is make the volcano distract IR Missiles.


I dunno about dynamic stuff like that but I always thought that flying through the volcano plumes should damage jet engines (as volcanic ash is actually an aircraft hazard)


Like a bomb in water causes water to splash, a bomb in magma will cause magma to splash. Along with magma rocks and debris on fire will spill out. This could be done if we have a strong bomb (a nuke should destroy the top of the volcano and cause more rocks and lava to spill out).

Yes, and that would be very cool to see. I want that added. But there’s a difference between lava spilling from a destroyed rim of the volcano and the volcano erupting.

Volcano erupting is like an overflowing water bucket with smoke coming out but lava spilling is like water splashing

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Yeah. Lava spilling/splashing is something I’d love to see. An actual eruption? That’s a bit much.

I believe that during april fools or halloween, they should make a version of the map where the volcano is a portal that teleports you to the other side of the map. Would be epik in a dogfight to dive into the volcano.

I was kind of disappointed that you didn’t burn up or something when flying low thru it.

If that happened when it accidentally got hit, then it’ll be getting “accidentally” hit every match :)

Could be a good alternative to the nuke ending though…