KAB-500kr bomb undestroyable

so apparently you cant destroy guided bombs at all out of the air i shot 3 vt1 missiles at it with a friend and it just tanked them and looked like it was destroyed but no it landed near us and killed the both of us

SAMs have never been able to destroy bombs

can guns destroy them? also how about they fix that bullshit

Cans can destroy bombs, missiles cannot at this moment and it is not a bug they need to “Fix” its something that needs to be coded and SAM missiles are not going to accurately be able to, cause they never were designed in mind to do so.

its been like 5 updates and hasnt been fixed…

Cool and Japan hasn’t gotten a tank in its tech tree from WW2 since 2020 which is over 3 years 5 months 25 days. Your point is?

hasnt there been multiple type 90 and TKX versions? and japan is literally getting a premium now

yes they can, just some better than others based on publicly available information.
i routinely destroy laser guided bombs with my ItO 90M.

I said WW2, not Late Cold to modern. Please read instead of skimming.