KA50 and 52 dmg model, did they really change anything?

I know its probably been brought up thousands of times but when are they really going to fix the damage model instead of saying they fixed it without changings a thing. Like they still survive 3 direct hits from the AIM92k and still fly like nothing is wrong. And its not just them surviving the stingers, when i use the Roland’s and the 9M311’s they seem to “lose tail” and nothing else is damage even when hit center mass.

For years now. Years. We have known about russian tanks not spalling correctly, and H.E. not being effective enough. For years we have mentioned other glaring issues with russian vehicles.

If the past tells us anything. Just don’t expect it. As long as it doesn’t negatively effect russian vehicle players, it will not get fixed. This is just a part of the game.