KA 50 worth it?

So i was thinking about buying the KA 50, but i dont know what to think of it. A lot of people say that its broken some say that without thermals at 11,0 it sucks. And I mainly plan to play it in GRB

Yeah, it’s terrible for it’s BR,

People who can’t deal with it complains in the forums making it going up BR just like they did with Object 292 that only has its cannon and nothing more, plus they fixed the fuel tank making it explode when damaged,

Just use Ka-50 for grind and get Ka-52 or Mi28MN, it would be better.

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It’s OP at its BR, don’t listen to the apologist above - I mean he thinks the 11.0-11.3 worthy Obj 292 is fine at 10.0.


It’s a mid 11.0. There are 11.0s better than it, there are few worse than it.
Once you unlock a better helicopter you’ll never play the Ka-50 again.
The lack of thermals is the primary thing that stops it from being great.

I see @SpeclistMain is calling people NATO apologists and defending the Ka-50 against criticism.

It’s really good, imo, just depends on you how you play it really. It’s probably better in simulator mode, and it’s already decent at its place in RB.

With current weater in matches i dont think it is that good. Yes, you have survavability and vikhrs, but you also have bad optics and lack of thermals, which most of the helis already have. Its hard to spot targets overall on Ka-50. There is Mi-28N in tt that plays much better

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No, it’s not. You can research all helis by ground so yeah, it’s useless.

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The duality of this thread lol…

You can check my stats if you wish to verify my words: Ka-50 in it’s br is mostly good for rocket rushing early in the game. It lacks thermals and good optics to utilise the vikhr to it’s max potential, not to mention it’s not really beginner friendly either, contrary to what some people may think.

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Its damage model, along with all other helicopters, are being complicated in the summer update as well.
So any knowledge on its survivability will be useless soon enough.

Without termals is bit weak, as you can’t kill if you don’t see.

is garbage, you have better helicopters at this br and 90% ull be playing at br12, on night battles autotracking does not even work

What is your intention for it?
Do you want to a tool to grind the heli tech tree in general?
Do you only want variety for your ground vehicle line up?

If you want it to grind the Ka-52, then yes, go for it. There’s no better and faster way to climb the tech tree and also farm SL whilst at it, than playing the Heli-EC mode. I have to mention though: It gets boring real fast, so nothing to grind straight for days/weeks, rather a few hours at a time.

If you want to wreak havoc upon your enemies in ground RB, then the days are long gone. According to your player card you seem to be a pretty good player that knows the game well and that’s mandatory to perform well with the Ka-50 in GRB these days, since you’re facing ItO 90Ms and ADATSs every game (no outranging anymore). That means due to the lack of thermals, these SPAAs know you’re there before you can find them, which also means you have to know the spawn locations and where to look for these threats. Unlike most other helis that are rendered useless once the enemy has a compentent AA player, you can simply go into AA mode yourself when there’s no opportunity to go for ground vehicles. These Vikhrs even now they’re nerfed are excelent to intercept any aircraft, so can still contribute to the team. And in that case the lack of thermals isn’t that big of a deal.

So if you want to play it only in GRB be warned: It’s not as easy as it used to be, but still the best Heli among all the premium helis you can get and definetly not garbage (quite the opposite, you just need to know your enemies and maps).
I should also mention, since it’s now possible to grind helis with tanks, probably the best (and cheapest) way to get a (if not the best) great support vehicle - the Ka-52 - is to simply grind all the helis with tanks and then straight up grind the modules with the Ka-52 itself (which is also the most convinient heli to do so). That’s tedious, but if you play Russia on 11.7 most of the time, the best choice.

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The Tiger UHT is an integral part of my lineup and I really enjoy flying it. His AA abilities in particular often seem to surprise opponents. The PARS work better against helicopters than against tanks. With these I get kill aids as kills. Even 2 hits are often not enough. The ATAS with IRCCM have a reasonable hit rate against careless and low energy jets.

So overall they’re fun and on average I manage to recoup the SP costs for getting started.
Only the omnipresent Pantsirs (in your case it would be VT1 throwers or Rolands, which you are sure to encounter with the helicopter) make it incredibly difficult for the helicopter.

So: I would definitely fly helicopters and include them in the lineup.

But spend money on the certainly usable K50? It’s better to simply explore the other helicopters with the tanks (tick the box at the bottom right).

By the way: The helicopters are going around the BR. 9 the most fun.

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